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Myspace name is K3wan Bl3ek u will kno a little more about me

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Aug 15 2008 11:19PM
i like
girl like on here right now is Sh3lbs3r
Aug 15 2008 11:10PM
ifyou got a myspace add me cause i only got 13 or 14 friends and there just rappers family friends and some one special Miley Cyris with her real name is Brietney Spears Cyrus and billy ray cyris have a myspace
Aug 15 2008 11:07PM
i luv animals and im gangsta
see i like cats and animals but im gangsta im in a crew called the goonies our color is red and i like play with bb guns i got shot twice in the eye and and in the sholder i got shot in the eye with a pistol bb gun and got shot in the sholder by a sniper rifle bb gun with automatic fire so it wouldnt stop now im all messed up
Aug 15 2008 11:03PM
Wat school i go to
i go to tyler elementry in belleville on tyler road in michigan
Aug 15 2008 10:59PM
Some girls on here i want to see if they live in belleville on tyler road im looking for a relationship with a 10 or 11 im still ten but soon i will be 11
Aug 15 2008 12:06PM
What im like
Well im african american average here for relationships friendship lots of other stuff


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