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Jason Aka Monster...TAKEN BY ASHLEY :DI Am Who I Am. Dont Like Who I Am? Why Do I Care? I'm A Helpless Flirt I Only Have One Bestfriend In The World: Destiny. I Can Get Close To U But You'd Never Have our Relationship <3 Message Me?

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Nov 14 2011 6:05PM
Lol Wow
Me: *Sings My ABC's*
Destiny: Holy **** jason knows his abc's!! *looks around* wait that was your ABC's right?
Nov 11 2011 8:18PM
Most Likely
Nov 11 2011 8:16PM
If You Dont Like Janel
**** YOU!!!!!!!!!
Ur Missing Out On A ****ing Wondeful Friend
You ****ing Dumbasses
Janel Deals With Enough ****ing Stress
She Doesnt Need Anymore
So if You DOnt Like Her
Dont ****ing Message Her
Thank You very Much
Nov 11 2011 7:49PM
I Know What I Want My Wish To Be
Nov 11 2011 7:35PM
Nov 11 2011 7:27PM
But You Know You Love Me <3
Nov 11 2011 7:24PM
Yes.. I Know Im A ****ing Asshole XD
Nov 11 2011 7:17PM
Hannah Hannah Hannah
Not Gonna Happen
Nov 9 2011 7:15PM
Desperate For Attention?
U Dont Go To Jail For Breaking Somone's Jaw Dumbass
Nov 7 2011 7:37PM
Just Sitting Here
How Can I Be So Stupid??
Worst Week Of My Life
She Made It Better


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Apr 2 2012 8:55PM

I love you babe<3
Dec 25 2011 1:10PM

Hey Dude Merry Christmas b)
Nov 25 2011 2:24AM

Living without you is so much harder then i expected...
I dont get it...Why did you do it?
I miss our conversations..
You always knew how to cheer me up.
I didnt even get to say bye to you..

I love you..
Nov 23 2011 8:42PM

R.I.P. jason:/
ill miss you jassy.....
im gnna miss being your meggy :/ D:
sighs <|3
i wish i couldve said bye first :/
or huged you
or have bitten your hair hehe
im gnna miss you lot :/
EmO GiRL!<3
Nov 17 2011 6:59PM

i miss u jason
i love u and always will
youll be in my heart forever
il never forget you<3
Nov 16 2011 8:20PM

R.I.P Jason <|3
I'll Think of you everyday
You will always be in my heart
I love you forever.
EmO GiRL!<3
Nov 10 2011 9:22PM

aww thanks:P
your pretty too(sorry just felt like saying it)
Love ya as well!:P
Nov 6 2011 2:49PM

ha yay!!!
i luffles you!! :D
EmO GiRL!<3
Nov 4 2011 10:28AM

Listen up
this is my bro
dont mess with him
or i will **** your face up
start some **** with him then i'll finish it
ily as a bro
EmO GiRL!<3
Nov 1 2011 10:58PM

oh i totally didnt think that through since ur my brother and liz is my daughter ohh lol blonde moment here
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