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Chickasaw, AL, United States
About Me:
Hello! My name is Fredrick John 'Fredster' Dickinson. I am the eighth moderator for this website. Feel free to report blocked, or unblocked, users to me by sending me a message in my inbox here. Or send me a report via e-mail. Have fun and be safe!

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Mar 3 2014 3:20AM
Hello buddies of MostFunGames, it's me again! The Fredster!! I am here to bring some devastating news, though. My wife, Malinda, got hit by a car and died! She was only almost two months pregnant with Fredster Junior... (We named it already, too!!) I am very depressed and will start logging on more because I want to help everyone out because I could not help my dear, sweet, Malinda. Goodnight.
Feb 23 2014 11:55PM
Numerous reports on this user for screenshotting and uploading users messages and etc. He is banned from doing anything involving the community until further notice.
Jan 18 2014 7:04PM
Hey, Hey, Hey!!
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on lately, Malinda and I have been working out some issues that we were having and good news: WE AREN'T GETTING A DIVORCE! I'm so happy!! I love Malinda with all my heart and guess what?! We are having a baby!! Yes we are! But I'm kind of upset though, we have to give away one of our cats! I don't want to do that! I'm going to miss my cat... whichever one it is. I really hope I don't lose any though! I wonder if I can convince convince Malinda to keep all our cats and a baby boy OR girl!! Dreams of mine will come true, I know it will! Anyone wanna help me with this, inbox me!!
Jan 4 2014 8:52PM
Puppy Bowl!!
I can't wait until the Puppy Bowl, how about you guys?! I just absolutely love the Kitty Half-Time Show!! I mean, puppies are cute but the kitties are even cuter!! Hopefully Malinda won't go through with the divorce so we can watch it together!
Jan 4 2014 8:43PM
Malinda please!!
My wife, Malinda is still mad at me!! I told her a million jazillion times it was an accident but she wont forgive me! Now she's filing for a divorce?! ALL I DID WAS GIVE A DIABETIC CAT CAKE BY ACCIDENT!!! MALINDA PLEASE!!
Jan 4 2014 3:29AM
Do NOT give a diabetic cat cake!! EVER!!
Hello everyone of MostFunGames, I'd like to inform you all to NEVER give a diabetic cat cake no matter how cute you think it looks!! I myself have given a diabetic cat cake. (I have three cats, two of them are diabetic. The diabetic ones are Loaf and Butters!) So, I gave Loaf (The cutest one of them all-DON'T TELL BUTTERS OR TUBBY!) at least 40% of my wife and I's special New Years cake with German chocolate and sprinkles!! She noticed me passing off the piece of cake to Loaf and she got really mad!! She hasn't talked to me since! I forgot you can't give diabetic cats cake!! Come on Malinda!!!!!! I didn't know!!!!!!!
Jan 1 2014 5:19PM
She has been banned for threats towards user Omnipotence. She will not be able to reply to anyone's messages for two days. But she may or may not still be able to post blogs. Watch out!! LOL!
Dec 31 2013 11:10PM
About Me.
Hey y'all! My name is Fredrick John Dіckinson, or simply, Fredster! I am 22 years old and I currently live in Chickasaw, Alabama. I love helping people out in general, reason why I became a moderator! I will try to the best of my abilities to help anyone here who as a problem! I also love coffee and cats! I was born on June 15th, it was a pretty rainy day. Must be one of the reasons I also love rain! It's just so peaceful! Anyways, I'm very outgoing and I love people in general. If you want to talk, you can! Read more by viewing my profile if you want to know how you can report a user to me. I'll gladly tell you more information on how to do so, just message me with the subject as "Help" or "Information Please!". Have a spectacular day!


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Jan 1 2014 4:36PM

I am sorry to hear that your cats have diabetes. I also have a very large cat.
Jan 1 2014 2:08AM

I love cats as well!
Dec 31 2013 11:29PM

I'm doing good today! There were some bad events a few hours ago, but that was YESTERDAY *ba dum tss*. My New Years Resolution is to be less sad. I'm one of those people who can get sad without knowing why. So of course I'll still be sad this year, just hopefully not as much as I was this year. How about you? What's your New Years Resolution?
Dec 31 2013 11:20PM

Hi Fredster!
Dec 31 2013 11:08PM

Well gosh, I love cats!
Dec 31 2013 10:53PM

Well then, Fredster, you can call me Logan! Oh gee, that sure was a great joke, Fredster! Made my stomach ache from laughter. (':
Dec 31 2013 10:46PM

Thank you for your contributions to the website, Mr. Moderator.

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