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Funkytown, United States
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I'm usually fun, sometimes boring. I like the Civil War era, and don't like Japanese cartoons in America. And I'm 11.

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Sep 20 2008 8:14AM
Finally got the Xbox ppl
Jun 28 2008 1:34PM
Jun 27 2008 9:06AM
School is Over
School is over! But Im still mad that Zach T. signed his name on my yearbook "Zachatron" and Zach R. signed his name "Z-TronX" and drew a little Pokemon. HE IS 11, WHAT THE HELL????
Jun 27 2008 8:58AM
Im at my campground in Bozrah Connecticut. Just telling everyone the great time to be a part of everything that is there. Since 1905, Odetah has been around and has always kept activites going on, and something is always happening. Since I haven't been making many frieinds here at my campground, and there hasn't been any people coming to weekend spots. May I remind you there is a pool, and minigolf. And the lake is 32 acres wide to swim, and fish. So, if you live near or in Connecticut come to Odetah Campground in Bozrah. I'm telling you its good or I wouldn't be writing such a long paragraph!!!!!
Jun 18 2008 5:48PM
Im at The Library
For all of my fans who go to the library, which movie should I rent, Gods and Generals, or Gettysburg? Which is better or has more detail, comment back people!
May 28 2008 2:22PM
My Class
my computer class is so boring!!!!!! help me ppls!
May 27 2008 9:23AM
The Plan
The plan for getting a xbox360 are gone, i'd rather save money ppls
May 27 2008 9:22AM
The Weekly Milk
I type a newspaper in school called The Weekly Milk. For 18.00 you can buy an advertising shirt.
May 12 2008 1:32PM
Postin from school again
Apr 24 2008 1:21PM
Posting from school! SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


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Apr 17 2008 10:42PM

Play Halo 3!!!!!

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