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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Hi i'm Midgieboi am 13 and I have torqoise eyes, Brown hair but I am gettin it dyed black soon can't wait and I am single so also take ma msn it's Midgieboi@hotmail.com c ya l8tr people.P.S My bebo woz deleted bye!!!!!!

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Aug 7 2007 10:27AM
My Stupid Life
Hi ma names midgieBoi and ma real name is craig so if any girls wana chat just say ma name MidgieBoi or craig today I signed up cos I wana chat 2 people so any girls want 2 talk just say ma name!!! My Pen Pal is Krazy Cream but we live in the same country but she lives in england and i live in scotland and er.......... she is not really my pen pal we just usually talk on the computer or texting anyway bye peeps :D


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Feb 27 2008 4:10PM

hey craig hows u?hope ur ok.don't worrie im still comeing up to scotland this year to see u.
Feb 22 2008 2:10PM

lucky u at least u had free texts i didn't thats why i did answer some times.

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