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Your Bedd!(:, United States
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I have a playlist (: You wanna see it? Ask.

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Apr 16 2011 8:28PM
Rest in peace my angel..
Just got home from the hospital. Mommy will miss you Isabellah or Lucis Schulze.<3 You are truly mommy's little angel.

Rest in peace.
[March 25, 2011-April 16, 2011]
Even though I never had the chance too meet you mommy and daddy will miss you dearly.
Apr 14 2011 9:27PM
ghetto supastar.[:
You are super amazingg.[: Any girl would be truly lucky too be able too call you there own. I don't know how long I have known you but I am here too say that it has been awhile! I don't know anyone would wanna put you down or in any way harm you.[: You are possibly the best guy friend that I have and there is nothing that I would change about the relationship that we have!

I love you.
Apr 14 2011 5:40PM
Yellow Smiley -.-
They are so stupid! Gosh, they make me wanna punch a baby or something.. I hate seeing people writing on other people's blog sections and they have those stupid smiley's.. ]: I don't know I am just tired of seeing them. Personally I think the mostfungames should just get rid of them so that I do no not have too turn my smiley's around so they do not show up yellow and gross! D:
Apr 14 2011 5:22PM
Go big or go the fuuuck home!(:
Going too the mall with my father tomorrow going too get some new shorts than shopping for baby cloths and stuff for the nursery with my boo on Saturday.(: Sneaking out too see Branden tonighhht! ;D Oh what a great way too start off a fantastic weekend..♥

I love you Branden(:♥
[[b****'s be hatin: Four weeks and six days!(:]]

Mommy-To-Be of Isabellah/Lucis(:
Apr 13 2011 6:43PM
Well I ate a PB&J earlier and that was a baddd idea! /: It made me siiick D:
Apr 11 2011 1:30PM
Dumb Sadistic ****s!!(:
Read my ****ing 'about me' before you go accusing me of ****tt!
I am ****ing pregnant and I do have tits. Get off my **** before you ain't got a ****ing face too look with.

Apr 3 2011 3:52AM
;;About Me!
Hii; So i'm Michela. Old enough too know better, young enough not to care.
I am Eighteen until June Eleventh!(:
If you're gonna be quick to judge me, then there is a little red 'x' at the top of the page..
I cry easily and i dont hold grudges, i'm always quick to forgive people.
I'll trust you completely, until you screw it up.
I am engaged to Branden and pregnant with my first child.
I have a adopted daughter who is three and I like too live on the edge.
I currently have my swagg on high!(; Don't try too change me because you will fail!(:
Heres to the strong thanks to the weak.(: i may not seem like i can do any damage but i'd advise you not to make me mad. when you mess with me you mess with my friends.
Key To life: Be Brave;Live life on the edge; Love all you can; Laugh often♥
Apr 3 2011 1:24AM
Relationship Status!(:
I <3 Branden!
Feb 27 2011 5:20PM
Boo. (:
Boyfriends are over rated! (:
Feb 22 2011 3:06PM
Well guys this is a link too my new blog about my Sims 2 movies if anyone is interested! (:
Would really make me happy if someone was nice enough to look at it and watch my upcoming Sims 2 movie! (:
I am working on it.. Three days to effing make an eight minute movie. Suck it.. (: It is gonna be great though! <3


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ghetto supastar
Apr 16 2011 8:39PM

bad wen you isint heer
Apr 15 2011 5:33PM

rawr been gone lately(; sorry i got school and ****.. send me a message when you see this(;
ghetto supastar
Apr 14 2011 9:37PM

ey booboo:)
Feb 2 2011 7:51PM

i bought you the kitty! i don't know what to name it thoughh. hmmm....... anyways yeah we should talk moree!!(: but ur not on rite now i will come on more fer you (: byee bye best buddie.
Feb 1 2011 6:52PM

Hey lets tlk
Jan 28 2011 1:18PM

You do?
That's strange, ;p
Jan 26 2011 6:03PM

oh yeah! Love you too(:
Jan 26 2011 6:02PM

its not very often someone leaves me a comment but when they do its always special. BUT YOURS WUZ THE SPECIALEST. thats not a real wordd haha oh well. your awesome! don't ever ever ever changee(: get on soon i miss yah(: (just friend wise off course) bye
Jun 6 2010 12:42AM

Your amazing! Dont ever think otherwise ((:
Listen heeree, you break her heart, ima break yo face xDD
Love you ! [fran wise]
Jun 5 2010 8:01PM

love u to :)
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