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message me if you play stick arena balistic or territory war online I like funny stuff, games that include vilonce rpg & adventure games and like naruto star wars and sonic.I watch youtube.I LOVE TO PLAY MY WII/ps3!!!! i play grand chase send me a me

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Jan 18 2011 4:37PM
Battlefield Heros
Play this fun game
It is like COD but a bit more animated
Also play Urban Rivals use this Sponser and Sponseree cardpaul
Dec 26 2010 4:08PM
Tron: Legacy Movie Review
Words: (1)+(3) Awesome, Best Movie Ever!
Stars: 5/5
Other: Much better than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, can't wait to buy the DVD and video game.
Extras: Did you know?: In 1982, Tron was released. The movies have quite numbers of differences but the concept is similar.
Overall: You should watch it.
Dec 19 2010 3:10PM
If any of you Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) or Big Time Rush (Nickolodean) fans are reading did you know Kendall Schmidt (plays Kendall in BTR) and Kevin G. Schmidt (plays Henry in UH) are brothers.
Dec 10 2010 4:59PM
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. IT is AWESOME!!!! I sugest everyone reading this also watch it. Can't wait till July 2011 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is coming to theaters). I give it 10/5, it is that amazing! If you are going to watch it, get parent's permission because it is rated PG-13.
Jul 14 2009 11:24AM
My name is 3magic40.Contact me if you need help
Jul 9 2009 7:32PM
Slash the Hedgebird (artifical character)
To make Slash in Sonic The Hedgehog Character Designer do this
head=mecha green
hair=spikes grey
mouth=furry white beastly
eyes=x 1st color dark red 2nd color white
nose=regular teal
ears=horns2 white
body=big wings 1st color skin 2nd white
belly=ring yellow
arms=mecha 1st color red 2nd color black
hands=evil purple
legs=mecha black
shoes=spiked 1st color yellow 2nd color black 3rd color white
tail=feathers orange
Jun 19 2009 10:15PM
I am the real Firestar. Tigerstar,Brokentail,his rouges,BloodClan stay away from or I will shred you to pieces. Princess, Cloudtial, Graystripe, and Sandstorm help me!


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Apr 8 2010 3:15PM

On December 24, 2006 at 8 o'clock in the, a young 14 year old boy by the name of Scott Jackson was found dead. Doctors couldn't come up with the cause of his death. His mother checked his emails to see if she could figure out what happened. Turns out he was still signed into myspace. She found he had gone to sleep after he read and didnt repost a chain leter about a little girl that kills you in your sleep with no natrual cause of death. This is the bulletin he read: My name is Jaime Heras. I'm 14 years old. I'm a murderer. I have no face. When you look at me you'll die immediately.You have 900 seconds to repost this or I will visit you tonight. copy and paste this to 10 profiles or your mom will die within the next 4 hours

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