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yo pants o;, Japan
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Meliannsky[: because i said so ;; add it ♥

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Dec 20 2010 9:25AM
if not have done yet
Add my new account [:
&& ill love you forever ^-^ ill just rape you xD jk.
but add it.
Cuz im not gonna be on this anymore
KK <3
Dec 19 2010 9:49AM
New account MeliAnnSky[: add it
If you love me !


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Dec 10 2010 6:12PM

Meeeeli <3.
I call comment vir. Your an amazing friend (: ! Ever since day one ive enjoyed talking to you. Your super pretty dont let anyone ever tell you different. If they try to there dumb mkaay trust <3. Your always there for me if I need a helping hand and I will always be there for you no matter what <3. I really respect that ! Your a great person to be around ! You crack me up hahah (: . Ive known you for like a year now? I love when we talked on the phone that one time for like 3 hours? That was jokes<3. Best convo ever.
Jessica Hope Kelter.
Dec 8 2010 8:00PM

now thats better xD any ways what happened to that chk you were dating? O.o u guys broke up already?? dang
well i love youuu!!

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