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May 11 2008 6:47PM
4B0UT M3!!!
ii C4NT PUT iiT 0N TH4T LiiTTL3 THiiNGY S0 H3R3 iiT G0...
OMG iiTSs M3L4Nii3.....L0L iiM TH3 C00L3ST P3RS0N 3V3R L0L ii L0V3 T0 H4V3 FUN &&& L4UGH ND B3 WiiTH TH3 P30PL3 ii L0V3 ...0NLii 4 S3L3CT F3W P30PL3 DiiSsLiiK3 M3 &&& TH3iiR R34S0N F0R DiiSsLiiKiiNG M3 iiSs 0HHHHH S0 F4LSs3LY 3M3RG3D 4R0UND. ii KN0W.... TH4T TH3Y H4V3 P3RS0N4L iiSsU3Ss WiiTH TH3iiRS3LV3Ss. BUT iiTSs 0K4ii, W3 UND3RST4ND!!!L0L!!!! BUT 0TH3RSs TH4N TH4T 3V3RY0N3 L0V3Ss M3 4ND Y0U C0ULD T00. 3V3RY0N3 M4Y L0V3 M3 BUT ii STiiLL G0T TH3M 0L' WiiTH0UT Y4LL TH3iiR iiSs N0 M3(LOL)!!


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May 20 2008 12:33PM

Heyy Heyy!!!Sistah..Juss show'n ya page sum love...I love ya
Latino Boi4life
May 11 2008 8:02PM

im yo first frend and dis yo first comment omg lol comment bakk peace frend lol!!!

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