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Nov 22 2009 8:55PM
no angry face
Nov 22 2009 8:55PM
im angry now:@
Nov 20 2009 7:01PM
smily face
:) how do u make a sad face?
Oct 31 2009 5:10PM
Happy ****ing halloween
Im dressing up as a serial killer
Oct 28 2009 10:07PM
why censor blog
that ****ing sucks
Oct 28 2009 2:44PM
someone please message me ill message you back
Oct 28 2009 11:16AM
If you were stuck in a room for 24 hours with me what would you do,message me what you would do,i might like the message i might hate it or i might even be disgusted.Message me what you would do with me and ill message you back
Oct 26 2009 7:06PM
Dethklok-Go into the water
This song is for the fish
Dethklok-Go into the water lyrics
Here they are:

We call out to the beasts of the sea to come forth and join us,
this night is yours
Because we will all be with you into the black and deep
One day we will all go into the water

Go into the water
live there die there
live there die

We reject our earthly fires
Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloacked in scales we swim and swim on

We are alive , and we'll metamorphasize
And we'll sink as we disolve back into beasts
Our home is down here, and we've known this for years
We must counquer the sea , we build a army of water steeds

We'll rise from our depths down below
Release yourselfs, drown with me
We will counquer land with water

Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloaked in scales we swim and swim
we swim on
we swim on
Oct 26 2009 4:04PM
Im bored
Message me
Oct 22 2009 8:14PM
Im bored
just message me and ill talk


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Nov 1 2009 12:00PM

Oct 17 2009 4:19PM

your my bestest friends ever

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