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My Name Is Max Kyle Harrason. I'm Bi&Emo. I Hate Haters. Girls: Single. Guys: Single. [[Cara here! Hey, Max! bffs forever. I love you!]] Im About 6'2 . I Hate Life . Want To Know More About Me ? Then Email Me . I Wont Hurt Yuh .

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Nov 25 2009 8:56PM
hey, Max! :]
It's Cara. I finally forgive yuh for what you've done. Friends? Hopefully. i miss yuh, Max. :[. I hope things get better for yuh.

Anywho, umm. If anyone messes with this handsome dude then they will be put in a hospital by me =]. Ok? So, if you hate him then F off. LEAVE HIM ALONE IF YOU HATE HIM!

If yuh need advice or..Help or anything then I will help yuh. I really care about yuh, Max but I just can't trust yuh. Sorry. . . . Anywho. I love yuh [[as a brother]] and I hope your having a splendid day! -(?!) <[3] Carabear. (!?) "Love Is A Word That Means Nothing, But A Simple Lie. yet it's My Favoirte Lie." :]
Nov 15 2009 11:32PM
I Apologize :[
Nov 15 2009 6:09PM
I Know I Know
I Havent Been On Much But Ive Been Uber Busy . Cara is Being Weird O_O . I Was Jking With her And I Was Like "Cara I'm Watching You Through Yurh Window." And Cara Was Like; "STALKER!" And Then She Tripped Down Thew Stairz -.- . Of Course .

AnyWho . I Might Not Be On This Site That Much. Sorry. ://.
Nov 15 2009 6:07PM
Stalker !
Ha ! I ' m Talking To Cara On The Phone ! Be Jelous Beochh ! xD . She Says Hi MostFunGames Stalkerz !
Nov 15 2009 12:04PM
AnyOne ...
AnyOne Want 2 Talk To Meh ? :[
Nov 15 2009 11:58AM
No One Emails Me Now. ='(
Nov 7 2009 9:58PM
I Wish I Could Help cara. :[. She Doesn't Deserve To Feel like She Does. She An Amazing Person. You Guys Are Killing Her..She Could help The World. Trust me. She's Helped Me Stop Fighting..She Made Me Realize How Stupid And Worthless Violance is. She Could Actually help This World. But. No. Everyones Hurting Her && You Guys Might Not See It. but Your Killing Her Slowly.
Why Ruin Some Else life? Just To See Them In pain?
She Gets Abused By EVERYONE. JUST Fu.CK OFF IF YOUR GOING TO BE MEAN TO SOMEONE! She Made Me See Life In A Diff. Way. She Needs Help before her Family Ends Up killing Her *Cries.*
Nov 1 2009 12:15PM
Hehe =/
Did AnyOne Have A Good Halloween? :]. I Did! I Got Tons Of Candy And I got To Handout candy And Some Little Kid Hugged Me. Lol. It Was Weird. ^-^. I Feel So Loved && SAW 6 Waz AwehSome ^_-. It Was Kinda Gross, Tho. xD. Mike Almost Puked. && I Went To Hot Topic. I Got Neon Greeen Skinny Jeans And A Slipknot T-Shirt And A Pink Studded Belt. ^_^. And A SlipKnot Hat. And A Fred T-shirt And A All That Remains T-shirt And Orange Skinny Jeans. (:
Hope Your Halloween Was Safe And Fun! And You Got TONS OF CANDY!
Oct 23 2009 12:40PM
this is chris
hi im chris. im max's twin. i pushed him out of hiz chair and stole the comp. haha. poor max. i g2g be4 he killz me byez
Oct 23 2009 12:37PM
Cara && I..
Are Awesome, Lol.
We Are Skaterz Together.
In AZ I Taught Her How To Skateboard.

Hehe. I Wonder If She Can Still Do A Kickflip? Probally not. She'll Proballyy Kill Herself!

Poor Cara And Her Bad Balance!


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Dec 3 2009 11:32PM

Well. Did yuh read my friend blog thing? I took a while figuring out what to say about everyone. it's really hard to put them into words. :].
Anywho. How are you? [[RYHMAGE!]]]xDYesh, I am hyper. My dad let us have Cherry Pepsi! And we get another glass with dinner!Woot! :]
Nov 27 2009 7:15PM

Yay! Umm..Chris...
Nov 19 2009 8:30PM

No it's not..Smart one.
Nov 18 2009 7:27PM

Go ahead. Idgas.
Nov 15 2009 11:49PM

I don't care, Max. If yuh really loved me yuh wouldn't have frickin cheated. God. Don't go killing your self and don't talk to me for now. I hate you right now and it;snot a good time.
Nov 15 2009 6:24PM

Hey. I miss you love. <33. *Kisses you.* i can't wait for you to get on =]
Nov 15 2009 2:36PM

That sucks. I'm on the 10th book and sure i'll tell you if anyone starts being mean to me. *Hugs back.*
Nov 13 2009 9:31PM

Hehe. ^-^.
Nov 7 2009 9:59PM

Omg. Thank yuh for the blog Max. at least yuh actually care :[ *Hugs.*
Nov 3 2009 8:29PM

I know yuh would have and it's OK. I am to a looser >_<
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