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Why Should I Tell Ya =D, United Kingdom
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Hey, Rii's my bestfriend, single, on the way to becoming Dr.Spark :))) the gang: Nick, Ry Ry, Scabe - love this guy <3 the best ones count ;)

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Oct 14 2010 11:41AM
Hey. Guess what? Halloween Soon!!!!! EPPPP Cant Wait!!!!
Aug 16 2010 1:52PM
Oh My God!!!!!!!
oh my, im so happy, me and Rii are going to cinema, oh my gosh i cant believe it =P
Jul 25 2010 5:49AM
Nickie And Me Are Back Together But, Cerlie Is Being A Douche, Okay So This Is What Happened, Me and Rii went to the park to spend sometime together and just chat. We saw Nickie and we both saw what we feel inlove with about eachother. We broke up over stupid Taii (Taii and Nickie are BFF'S like me and Rii) Anyway we made up and we said we won't lose eachother other our friends. Cerlie comes along and she's like " Oh, your back together, I wanted to test out Nickie like I did Taii." Rii punches her in the face and I grab her hair and throw her into the earest tree. Shes such a DOUCHE.
Rii's still upset and im so annoyed. She and Taii better back off !!!!!!!!!!
Jul 24 2010 6:21AM
Jul 23 2010 11:46AM
Oh My God
This Aint Fair
Im Only 16
Jul 16 2010 6:05AM
Driving Me Crazy
Your Driving Me Out Of My Mind.
I <3 You Loads.
Marry Me Already Lol.
Rii, Your My Bestfriend, Your
The Only One Who Approves
Of Me And My Nickie.
<3 YOU <3
Jun 7 2010 11:48AM
I Hate Taii Soooo Much
He Hurt Rii, And Now
She Wont Come Out
Of Her Room Cause
She Keeps Crying
Jun 2 2010 3:54PM
new One, Try It
5 questions
1 chance.
5 honest answers.
Thats all you get.
You get to ask me 3 questions. (TO MY INBOX)
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.
No catch.
But I dare you to repost this.
And see what people ask you
Jun 1 2010 2:07PM
Its Gunna Be Okay
Rii, i promise it'll all be okay
i wont let Taii hurt you anymore
look i told him to back off
and he said he would but he said he loves you
i put him in his place and i said i hate him
i cant believe he did that to you
i love you Rii, baby you dont need him
you've got me and ill be here for you
Jun 1 2010 6:28AM
I Find A Letter On My Desk
Adressed To Mrs Spark
It Reads
Dearest Rii
Im So Sorry,
I Will Be Back For You,
But Theres Something I Have To Do First
Remember I'll Always Love You
See You Soon
Love Taii xxx

Me and Rii went To Cerline's House
To See If Taii Was there,
And He Was,
He Had Slept With Cerline
And Didnt Even Try to hide it
No Sorrys
No Forgive Me's
Just my Bestfriends Brocken Heart
And An Annoyed Friend


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Mr Spark =P
Aug 12 2010 2:40PM

Hey Bffl, Im Gd thnxx, hping ur kewl , luvin u loads, cya l8r in mthz LUV YHEWWWW
May 5 2010 7:16PM

Hey wats up :) and btw twilight is awshum ;) tho ik u knew that (=
May 3 2010 7:21PM

Hi, not much really :) i just got bak frum skewl :) and oh look at that im ur furzt c-ment

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