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Mar 2 2009 6:32PM
I moved in with Alyssa in Antarctica in an eggloo!
We share one with A Moodeer named Georgio!!!
Feb 23 2009 9:17PM
Do de do :]
My favorite people on this website..Hm..
There is Kirstin, Alyssa, Amanda, Abraxas, and Nessa.
My Five Favoritest people :]
Not in any specific order O.O Or is it??????
Feb 19 2009 9:52PM
Alyssa made me a mentally challenged snowman. I bought it a helmet :]
Feb 19 2009 9:40PM
ANSWER b****!
[] Push me into a wall and kiss me?
[] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill?
[] Slap Me?
[] Slap me if i asked you to?
[] Kiss Me?
[] Let Me Kiss You?
[] Watch A Movie With Me?
[] Take Me Home For The Night?
[] Take Me With You?
[] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions?
[] Let Me Make You Breakfast?
[] Make me breakfast?
[] Stick Up For Me if I Was Being Put Down?
[] Instant Message Me?
[] Greet Me In Public?
[] Hang Out With Me?
[] Bring Me Around Your Friends?
[] Fall in love with me?
[] Like me?
[] Love me?
[] Go out with me?

Do You...
[] Miss Me?
[] Think I'm Cute?
[] Think I'm Hot?
[] Think I'm Ok?
[] Think I'm Ugly?
[] Want To Kiss Me?
[] Want To Cuddle With Me?
[] Want To Date Me?

Am I...
[] Smart?
[] Funny?
[] Cool?
[] Loveable?
[] Adorable?
[] Great To Be With?
[] Attractive?
[] Mean?
[] Ugly?
[] Gorgeous?

Have You Ever...
[] Thought About Hooking Up With Me?
[] Found Yourself Wanting To Kiss Me ?
[] Wished I Were There?
[] Had A Crush On Me?
[] Wanted My Number?
[] Had A Dream About Me?
[] Been Distracted By Me?

Are You...
[] Happy You Know Me?
[] Thinking About Me
[] my friend?
Feb 13 2009 6:48PM
Alyssa killed me by ripping off my magical wings. MAXY IS A DEAD BOY T^T
Feb 3 2009 10:47PM
I lub my bisexual hobo monkey pimpsicle ;D
Feb 1 2009 9:13PM
ME <3
Since my about thing is being Janky, I'll just have to do it here :D

I'm Max! Woot! I am bisexual. I'm a happy person and I don't like drama D:
Ta da!
If you want to know more ask me :D!


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May 16 2009 6:18PM

Hey Maxxy!!! I hasnt talked to u in fereva! <3<3
Comment when u get a chance thankies(:
Apr 13 2009 10:55PM

Maxy, i havent talked to you in like a kajillion yearzz!
Whats Up Best Frann? :P
Apr 6 2009 4:03PM

please come on :(
im leaving this site....

and i wanna talk to you one mroe time :/<3
Mar 14 2009 4:04PM

OMFG!! I"M SO SORRY I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY :'{{{ PLEASE DON"T HATE ME:"(( GAHH. I"m such a ****ing b**** :'{{ I'm sorry babe
Mar 8 2009 9:06PM

Happy Birthday Maxy!!! :]
Mar 8 2009 7:46PM

Happy Birthday Max!! : D
Mar 8 2009 5:26PM

happy birthday!!!!! :D
<3 ily maxy
Mar 8 2009 4:07PM

Happy Burffday Best Frann!!
I luff you ! :-)
Mar 6 2009 5:38PM

maxy i just wanted to say you're an amazing friend.
you hold a big part of my heart.
you're really funny and i love talking to you.
i know i made a mistake....breaking up
but i really do still love you.
ilysfm maxy and no matter what happens that will never change..
♥ :) ♥
Mar 6 2009 5:36PM

I love you (:
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