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Feb 13 2016 10:28PM
Is anyone friend with "lexandizzy" on here? His name is Justin and he hasn't been on here in almost 2 years. If anyone knows him and currently can contact him, please tell him Mary from mfg and really worried about him. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM 😥🙁
Sep 6 2015 11:54PM
Lilmatt, being the b**** that he is, BLOCKED me because I didn't remember his name. Like, sorry that your ass came into my life once, left, then came back like I remembered who you were. Grow a pair damn
Aug 25 2014 3:32PM
Non of my friends care that I'm out of the ****ing hospital. I'm ****ing done
Aug 12 2014 3:22AM
My buddy is offline and I'm sad. Anyone wanna talk??
Jun 2 2014 9:41PM
The faq???
I hate when people don't talk to me for a long time, then all of a sudden they message me. I'm like, "The **** u come from?”
May 12 2014 2:47AM
My birthday is Monday May 19! :) Remember that fools. I expect a bunch of birthday messages.
Dec 26 2013 4:14PM

All my buddies are offline.....
Dec 26 2013 12:02AM
Bored as hell. Anyone wanna talk?
Dec 23 2013 8:50PM
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now you're offline. Thanks asshole
Dec 23 2013 8:45PM
I know you're online and I messaged u. Answer back idiot


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Nov 27 2018 5:40PM

Heyyyyyy, we should totally talk more 👀😂
Apr 16 2014 7:55PM

Was zzz up
Feb 18 2014 9:40PM

Yourz never on!!!
Jan 17 2014 10:54PM

Get on!! :)
shelly b dog
Dec 22 2013 6:42PM

hey, any of u mess with this chick, something bad will happen to u
i'm serous
Dec 11 2013 2:45PM

shelly b dog
Nov 23 2013 12:26PM

You're pretty and you know
it, clap your hands~! This
is a toast to you. For the guy who has
you, the losers who had you, and the
lucky idiots who are going to have you.
Send this to 15 other girls including me,
if you consider me on that list~!
You've been hit. You've been considered
1 of the 15 prettiest girls on my list.
Once you've been hit, you have to hit 15
pretty girls. If you do this the love of
your life will notice how pretty you are,
and make a move. If you've been hit
again, you know you're really pretty.
However, if you break this chain, you
will (apparently) be cursed with ugly for
10 years; so hit up 15 pretty girls.
GOOD LUCK~! if you get this again,
you don't have to send it again
Aug 22 2013 1:53PM

you rtock
Aug 15 2013 1:25PM

calim comment virginity ahahaha u rock

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