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My name is Marisol-Nicole.Im 16 years young. Im emo cuz im EMOtionaly distressed. If yur emo cuz yu slit yur wrists,, the yu are a fucking poser. All the boys tht wanna ask me out.. read my blog.

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Oct 15 2011 3:33PM
Thomas, i love yu so much. I miss you. I was hoping that yu were gonna be on here when I signed on but yu aren't. Babe, please let me know at least that yu're okayy. <3
Apr 7 2011 10:15PM
i haven't been on here in a long time. this is one of the only times i'm getting on, just to see if Thomas is online, which he isn't ;/.
Aug 31 2009 12:30AM
BuhhByeee ;
I don't want to be here anymore.
If Thomas isn't gonna be here, then I don't wanna be here.
I love him alot and I'm gonna be a wreck without him..
So, farewell to all.
And I'm sorry to the ones I hurt..
I love youh Thomas, and Aliyah, I'll get on a few times, just for yuh two<3
Apr 22 2009 11:09PM
Waffles! ^^
(>' ' )># I wanted to give u this waffle

#<( ' '<) But then i was like

(>#<) I'm hungry

(>^ ^<) Yummy waffle
Apr 19 2009 11:22PM
Tht is the day tht me &+ aliyahxluvsxyouh became friends.
I miss tht girl.
Any guy will be lucky to have her.
I love her.
She isn't my best friend, she's my sister.
I wish I still lived down the street frm her.
Apr 17 2009 2:40PM
To all the boys tht wanna ask me out.
I don't justt go out with anyone.
I have to kno yu.
Don't ask me if I have a boyfriend or not.
If yu really did likke me then yu will look to see if my blogs include anything with a boyfriend.
I only date boys tht I likke
&+ I kno fer a fact tht Im not gonna likke youh within the 3 minutes tht we were talking
So if any of these don't apply to yu, then don't think about asking me out.
*P.S. If yu do get the chance to go out with me, &+ yu cheat, I won't EVER date yu again.*


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Apr 15 2009 12:03PM

happy birthday
Apr 15 2009 8:28AM

happy b-day
Mar 31 2009 9:56AM

i'll b on by ............. 6:00 or later ok .......... <3
Mar 28 2009 5:27PM

please go online again
Mar 22 2009 12:43AM

showing some love back
Mar 17 2009 12:26AM

i'd never cheat on u babe because i love better than €mo.chick
Mar 5 2009 9:12PM

damn ur mother is a f u c k ing b****!!!!
Mar 5 2009 12:39AM

hey I no u don’t no me but U POOR THING I can’t belieave ur mom would do dat to u!!! =( god u poor thing!! *huggs*
Mar 1 2009 12:41AM

Feb 22 2009 9:33PM

Um hello
*Poke poke*
You there?
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