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hey im Mady. message me -single-
No I don't have kik so don't ask

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May 10 2018 9:37AM
Can’t believe my baby boy is already 20 months today :)
Mar 30 2016 1:44PM
26 weeks till September 28th :D
Dec 7 2015 4:23PM
Someone talk to me I'm bored
Jul 11 2015 6:35AM
So everyone knows
I'm going on a cruise and I don't think I'll have wifi so I won't be able to talk I'm not going off line though because I don't remember my password ever so I can't sign out but I hope everyone has a great time I'll be back July 28th
Jun 21 2015 12:31AM
How do you expect me to reply to you then you block me
Mar 13 2014 12:48AM
I need a life
I need to be around kids my age more when I'm outside of school
Jan 17 2014 10:11PM
Night all
It's 12:10 and I got a lot of ce to do and some finals to study for 2m so I think I'm going to sleep
Sep 4 2013 8:27PM
This school year should be fun I got no friends
Have some people I talk to but not friends
Jul 11 2013 10:33PM
:( why did you block me
Jun 24 2013 5:47PM
;) :P
Someone should message me


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Jan 24 2013 7:05AM

Kissing is healthy. -Bananas are good for cramps.-Chicken soup actually makes you feel better. -Its true. Guys DO insult you if they like you. -Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it. -89% of guys would want girls to make the first move. -Girls love it when Guys hug them from behind the waist.-Chocolate makes you feel better. -Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket. -Guys think its cute when you mess up. -A true friend will NEVER judge you. -There is only one guy who is worth your tears. -If you have a dream about someone, then that person went to sleep thinking about you. -More guys...than girls will read this.Everyone likes surprises. * Now make a wish. Wish really hard! Wish before reading on.You wish will be received tomorrow. Your wish will only come true if you forward this to at least ten people. If you post this on at least 10 pages (comments, status, etc.) your wish will come
Jul 30 2012 10:19PM

stoped by to say hi
May 19 2012 6:09PM

Girl : Do you want to be with me forever?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Would you cry if I walked away? Boy : NO.
She heard enough, and was hurt. She walked
away, tears ran down her face. The boy
grabbed her arm.
Boy : Your not pretty, your beautiful. I don't
want to be with you forever, I NEED to be.
with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you.
walked away, I would DIE.
(Boy whispers) : Please? Stay with me.
(Girl whispers) : I will.
Tonight at midnight your true love will realize.
they love you. Something good will happen.
to you between 1-4 pm. Tomorrow it could.
be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock.
of your life! If you don't post this to 5 other.
pages. You will have relationship problems.
for the next 10 years.
(no posting it back to me thats not fair)
Apr 25 2012 9:50PM

Happy Birthday Girl
Apr 14 2012 2:54AM

On December 24, 2006 at 8 o'clock in the, a young 14 year old boy by the name of Scott Jackson was found dead. Doctors couldn't come up with the cause of his death. His mother checked his emails to see if she could figure out what happened. Turns out he was still signed into myspace. She found he had gone to sleep after he read and didnt repost a chain leter about a little girl that kills you in your sleep with no natrual cause of death. This is the bulletin he read: My name is Jaime Heras. I'm 14 years old. I'm a murderer. I have no face. When you look at me you'll die immediately.You have 900 seconds to repost this or I will visit you tonight. ff copy and paste this to 10 profiles or your mom will die within the next 4 hours..... (I really hate these but i actidently read it)..
Apr 9 2012 2:19PM

Have fun girl we miss you
Xavier 69
Mar 23 2012 12:59AM

love you baby
Mar 6 2012 12:55AM

h3y budd shownin your page some love, and p.s. i love u and kat :) yall the best its 11:54 over there and u look like ur about to pass out (skype) :P <3
Mar 4 2012 11:15PM

I love u bby
Feb 24 2012 6:02PM

jacob was here at 2/24/12 and owned this page love you bestie
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