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KY, United States
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I'm a guy that likes to make girls laugh, and i like to brake dance. (Or at least try)

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Apr 29 2008 3:33PM
i don't do much
i don't really type alot of blogs but i do when i am in the mood
Apr 20 2008 6:44PM
Yeah I'm Bored
yeah i am so bored right now i don't know wat to do. i'm juss goin to sit here and write dumb stuff like "duh" and other wierd stuff likie that, so duh duh duh hud uhd hdu.... cool yeah that was really cool. well i think that it was cool but you might not and i guess i don't really care wat u think so DUH DUH DUH....!.. :-) :-/ :-( ok fine so maybe i do care wat u think..... never mind.. i heard the anceint recipe for sprite was lemon and lime, i tryed to make it at home theres more to it than that.
Mar 29 2008 4:04PM
Me Myself and I
yea i'm about to go 2 a dance at my skool but i don't no what its for?? oh well im goin and i don't no who is goin t be there
Mar 24 2008 6:43PM
well i guess when i say i rock i guess i'm saying U Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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Dec 13 2008 9:54PM

hey darlin jus sendin ya sum luv

luv ya mack

shooting girl 7
May 21 2008 3:52PM

whats up well lylab peace out !!!!!!!
May 11 2008 10:09PM

juss showin ya sum luv so show sum luv bakk...welp i am out peacee!!!
shooting girl 7
Apr 25 2008 5:10PM

shown your page some lov well love to ya well im bored what about you anyhow well see ya
Apr 24 2008 3:49PM

Apr 13 2008 6:57PM

heyy darlin juss showin ya page sum luv so show sum bakk
shooting girl 7
Mar 31 2008 8:27PM

well i lov ya more haha well anyway umm.... well yeah
Mar 31 2008 6:01PM

heyy gurl wuz like up?? i have like talk to u n like 4 like eva!!! lol

u kno i luv ya mack
Mar 29 2008 4:20PM

heyy cutie juss showin ya page sum luv

shooting girl 7
Mar 29 2008 10:29AM

well yo can make a girl laugh thats for sure well yeah just given your page some love well yeah im really bored and by the way your reall funny when you (try) to break dance haha
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