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Hello. Lucy Amelia Vasallo here. Im a emo vampire rose! I love roses! and Vampires! and Emos! and LUCY'S!xD I am pretty outgoing! Single! Bye for now! Send lots of messages!

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Sep 4 2009 12:30AM
No one loves me. I am unloved.
Sep 3 2009 10:37PM
Please cast this rose upon thy who is,
---Sparkle in the sun,
----Impossable fast,
-----And thy who suck my blood.
Sep 3 2009 9:43PM
Lol. Claudia is so stupid!
Message from Xx_EmoClaudia_xX

From: Xx_EmoClaudia_xX
Date: Sep 3 2009 9:41PM
Subject: RE: Lol.

Lets get in a Bed together right now!
Sep 3 2009 6:36PM
Message from Xx_EmoClaudia_xX

From: Xx_EmoClaudia_xX
Date: Sep 3 2009 6:34PM
Subject: RE: Lol.

We are sex toys evreyone wants to play with us!
Sep 2 2009 11:43PM
For who do i upon this rose too. I shall not know.
For Thou who shall fall in love with me, the rose shall grow.
Sep 2 2009 9:09PM
Too many people tell me I am pretty. Too hell I ain't. God man I am not freakin' pretty.
Sep 2 2009 8:55PM
Just off the top of my head.
I shall cast a spell on you for thou you have read this. You will soon fall into a unbreakable happiness with thou that is your true love. At midnight thou true love shall come and sweep you off thou feet for thou you are cursed...
Sep 2 2009 6:03PM
What the ****? Ew.
Message from lesbian22

From: lesbian22
Date: Sep 2 2009 6:02PM
Subject: RE: r

i luv u can u send me random lezbian picks with them naked women ****ing each other
Sep 2 2009 5:08PM
What the ****?
Message from SCARFACE92X

Date: Sep 2 2009 5:07PM
Subject: hey

can i rub ur feet
Sep 2 2009 4:49PM
Add! Message! Lucy! Vampire! Roses! Oreos! Kittys! Meow Mix! Rawr! Im Random! Bye!


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Sep 22 2009 6:27PM

Lol :p
Sep 2 2009 6:31PM

Haha, you poor thing all the weirdos message youh !
Lolz. :P
Rawr Tyler
Sep 2 2009 2:08PM

Yes yu r!
Rawr Tyler
Sep 2 2009 1:59PM

Well thanx beautiful!
Sep 2 2009 1:57PM

Lol! Wha is up?
Sep 2 2009 1:29PM

Hello Beautiful! I love your picture!

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