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Heyy add me other account wuld ya? I am XxKayKayxX

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Jun 30 2011 6:03PM
heey. I havent been on this account in like forever
Mar 2 2011 6:36AM
come on plz
I hate my username!
Its seems very boring.
I have an idea.
But I need someones help.
Plz I am begging you.
Please Help Me
I will do ANYTHING
except dating cuz
i want one in life =|
Mar 1 2011 8:23PM
just 30 :)
About you

1. Name: Kari
2. Gender: Female
3. Race: White
4. Age: 13
5. drank? No
6. Jumped off a building or cliff? No
7. Smoked? Not wanting to talk about it personal...
8. Played Poker? No
9. Stole anything? no
10. Have a phone?No
11. went to the mall? Yes
12. Went to the movies with friends? Yes
13. Went skinny dipping? no
14. Live on a farm? No
15. Middle school, highschool or elementary school? Middle school
16. Grade? 8th
17. been ditched? Yes
18. Tried to make friends and failed? Yes definetly
19. Love bananas? Yes
20. Emo? No
21. Girly? yes
22. Tomboy? yes
23. Favorite color? Pink
24. What is your favorite food? Hamburgers
25. favorite candy? Hmmmm...gum
26. Played with fire? No
27. Caught something on fire? Yes, almost my hair
28. Punched someone? No
29. Are you popular? No
30. Do you trust yourself or anyone else? Sometimes ;)
Feb 25 2011 8:56PM
Its a guy
Dang i know the biggest idiot on here.
Feb 25 2011 8:14PM
I have been on my account is XxKayKayxX
Jan 25 2011 5:04PM
no purple
No purple grapes. NOOOO!

Jan 25 2011 4:49PM
Why War?????? Read.
Why war?
I was looking at 9-11 videos and I was trying to find a creepy song that i listened to in chorus. I could notfind it but I saw a video of people celebrating 9-11. That is just the DUMBEST THING! Why cant anyone get along? Common! We all live on the same world! God wants us to get along as brothers and sisters. People of east jerusalem needs to feel what the people felt. People had died. Thousands!! I could not belierve my eyes. Why could they do such a thing???! I was soooo mad about it. The people, east of Jerusalem needs to seek God's word. So We need to stop war and help each other.
Jan 24 2011 10:24PM
nighty night
Night everyone around the world
even though your place is day ima still
say goodnight!!!(:

Be back tomorrow afternoon(:
Jan 24 2011 10:13PM
wow i didnt finish it but the rest will be easy my neck hurts.
Jan 24 2011 10:05PM
well well well
Back to school from a 3 1/2 day weekend. It was pretty long. I got me busy for a few months but I will still be on.
Near the end of febuary thats when I get a litle nervous so yea.
But Imma finish homework I dont even know the definitions to the esay words -.-
Gosh, I wish I had help here


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Jan 22 2011 5:57PM

heyy. just stoppin by to tell you how amazing you are!! :D you are now speshil enough to be one of my best friends soo YAYA!!!
Jan 21 2011 10:27AM

Woo! Hoo! 1st comment! Anyway your like a best friend to me

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