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Colorado, United States
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Hey, my name is Katrina. I have brown hair. I have brown eyes. I am 5'4 and I am a cheerleader. I love to talk so message me if you wanna know more.

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Jun 11 2013 11:17PM
Sexy Cheerleader ;)
Hey I am a sexy cheerleader and looking for someone to talk to ;)
May 28 2013 9:21PM
Horny Girl ;)
Im really horny
Mar 13 2013 12:54AM
Is anyone here lesbian or bi?
Feb 25 2013 12:15AM
Really Really ;)
I am really bored and home alone and in need for some talking to if anyone wants to talk im here. Willing to talk about anything. ;)
Jun 23 2012 1:44AM
Life has mistakes. Life has errors. Sometimes we have to remove lifes errors by removing ourselves to help make the world a better place. So anyone who is on here and really does care about me and isnt using me im sorry but its better for the world if i do this and die then if i continue to live on.
May 9 2012 11:01PM
My MostFunGames
Im not gonna get on this for awhile.
May 1 2012 7:38PM
You have blocked me again. I am here. I cannot send you messages because instead of adding me you blocked me.
Apr 9 2012 10:42PM
Type your names- Katrina
Type your name with your elbows-ksgtfkmn z
Type your name with your eyes closed-Katrina
Type your name with your nose-iatrihq
Slam your face into the keyboard-gbtgb
Feb 23 2012 12:05AM
I am invisible. No one notices me. All of my friends act like I am not there sitting next to them in the classrooms. I feel empty inside. I think I have depression. I might go emo because of this. I am tired of being the only one no one likes and no one wants to be around. I am considering being an outcast.
Feb 12 2012 7:18PM
Im a bad girl!!


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Feb 17 2013 7:33PM

Apr 25 2012 2:13AM

ur so sexy baby <3
Feb 20 2012 1:28AM

sup girl ;] first comment

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