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。◕‿‿◕。, Canada
About Me:
Hello there, my name is Liam. and I welcome you to my profile. Straight jackets are by the wall, meds are in the boxes. Enjoy your stay, and please come again!
ask for playlist.

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Jul 14 2011 12:07AM
Haters gonna hate.
when she found out i was gay -----

Message from SheeSmoove

From: SheeSmoove
Date: Jul 14 2011 12:05AM
Subject: RE: Hii

OMG. So Soo Nastyy. Okay BYEE. UGH #Discusted
Jul 8 2011 1:27AM
Looks like i'm not driving for a while.
I got a DUI last night.. damn. extremely shiitty.
Jul 6 2011 10:58PM
OhYeah. (;
Liam's single again .. whhores. (:
it's good to be single. no ball & chain. o.o
But, i'd gladly be yours.. i hope you know who you are. <33
Apr 25 2011 5:34PM
Obviously I know I have flaws.
I'm still judgmental.
Do I care? No.
So hush. (:
Apr 25 2011 1:18AM
Bryan XP
FAKE! one of his photos is Jonah.. Somethin.
He's on Facebook. Put youR own pictures up.
Apr 18 2011 3:46AM
"I'm tired." .. "Sleep hun. Dream of me. ♥ .."
Mar 20 2011 3:42AM
From: meliah.h
Date: Mar 20 2011 3:40AM
Subject: RE: euf
kl me a poser agian and ill kik ur ass
Jan 2 2011 12:07AM
Another about Liam.
My name is Liam.
seventeen. single. gay.
I play guitar, and learning the piano.
I longboard.
I don't believe in God.
I'm not straightedge.
I don't realize what I have until it's gone.
I can be selfish and ignorant.
I can be a total sweetheart.
I don't like to text much, or talk on the phone.
I write songs and poems.
I sing.
My family meant more than anything to me.
I tend to always mess things up.
I would rather be outside than inside.
The sun/heat does bother me.
I love the snow, and snowboarding.
I have a few select friends I hang out with..
Dec 27 2010 9:24PM
About Liam. I had to re-post it.
Hi, I'm Liam.
Seventeen. May 5th is when i blow out my candles.
VEGETARIAN: Wouldn't be able to do it.
FAST FOOD/NO - i'll keep my money thanks!

Andy Sixx is my idol.
My inspiration.
My cure.

I chose to be a happy person.

I chose not to be a bitter person. If I have a bad day, I tell myself I'll have a good day, I'm going to be strong, I will be strong.

And that's the way I chose to be.

I believe I was born on this earth for a reason.

Not quite sure what the reason is yet, but I hope to find out eventually.

I don't want to be just an average day-to-day human being; I want people to remember my name for century's to come.


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Jul 19 2012 7:54PM

Can't believe you forgot your damn password
Jun 7 2011 6:16PM

MINE!!! *hugs* ♥ xD
Jun 6 2011 3:55PM

Whoever is your bestest buddie is no longer your bestest buddie
I'm your bestest buddie as of 3, 2, 1 NOW!!!
May 4 2011 9:25PM

I will, cause you said so! o:
May 1 2011 8:30PM

Yes, it would be good if you didn't rant on me! >.<
Apr 28 2011 7:01AM

'FCourse it is! c:
Apr 25 2011 9:44PM

Hahah. (;
You can be my private dancer. O.O
Apr 23 2011 7:03PM

"Aye!" Vinny does not lie!
Roxxi is so cute! :3
Apr 23 2011 2:31PM

I'm not a liar, and you're sexy.
Apr 22 2011 7:01PM

[ caps fest. ]
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