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i love alex :), France
About Me:
hello jello!!mah names lindsey u can either love me or hate me,ur choice :)ryan is my lovely lover :)hmu if u want :)paully wally doodle! :)hehe greg.meagan :) TAKEN BY PAUL!<3 I wrote something but it got cut off... :) wifey=sarah!♥

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May 31 2012 8:12PM
sooo since i hardly get on anymore i think im gonna leave soooooon. ill decide later on(:
May 22 2012 4:40PM
new pics on playlist :)
May 22 2012 3:41PM
i think im gonna spend mah free time uploading pics to playlist...(:
May 22 2012 3:39PM
This is my last week of school and i get out everyday at 1 ^-^
May 22 2012 3:34PM
well fuuck
i havent been on here since april and i had two messages...
what the fuuuck you guys?!
Apr 20 2012 8:39PM
You guys all got on but I didn't get a message from any of you :/
Apr 14 2012 10:03PM
I've never missed someone this much...
Get on or text me soon because i really need you :/
Mar 16 2012 3:58PM
You guyssss!!!! It's my bears birthday!! He's 15!! ^-^ y'all should tell him happy birfday pweez??(: k thanks!!(: love you bear!!<3 (: ohh yeah and his username is axleelxa
Mar 14 2012 1:03PM
118 new messages :O wtffff
Mar 10 2012 3:04PM
hi my name is lindsey and im a butt cuz im not online
haha hi lindsey, u told me to make a blog answering those questions but I forget them...
BUT I remember the first one I think...
and yes...I have, I was playing at school and trying to be cool (but you know that never works out well LOL) and I tried to throw one of my sticks and catch it but it hit my face...
and I remember one of the other questions but WHY WOULD U ASK THAT
hahah ur weird, I like u, we should go out ;)

-paul :P


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Mar 21 2012 6:16PM

Hey!!! im going 2 get on more soon..... but anyways i love you as well ;P soo see you later i Hope (:
Mar 17 2012 8:21AM

Not That Much.!!!
I Got Thissss.!!!(:
Mar 16 2012 7:23PM

cool! I love surprise parties that I know about! xD
Mar 16 2012 6:00PM

and I wasn't invited?! thanks a lot haha
Mar 14 2012 9:17PM

should I send you another 100+ messages again? I think I will :P
Mar 14 2012 3:04PM

Heey Hoee.!!! Look --> <3 That's A Heart.!!! It Means Ily.!!! :p
Now I'm Bored But Atleast I Get To Have A 3Some With Squidward And Patrick Later.!!! Hehehe.!!!(:
Well Yeahh Wish Me Luck xD
Mar 10 2012 7:21PM

I love you too :)
Mar 10 2012 6:37PM

Feb 18 2012 6:50PM

Hey :D
Jan 29 2012 10:18PM

I love you :)
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