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Nov 20 2012 9:36AM
im giving my account to my friend alexis(: so im not going to be on here anymre): well bye guys! mwah lov you< the blonde is alexis btw(: i had brown hair
Nov 11 2012 10:52PM
back on
omg im back on :) havn't been on here in forever!!
Feb 3 2012 12:34AM
If guys had
then they would be bragging about how big there
Feb 3 2012 12:03AM
I made you a waffle
But then I was like
I'm hungry
So I ate it
Feb 2 2012 11:42PM
Hate being a girl
Ok I'm sick if being a girl!!
That's it I'm changing into a dude
*wishing wishing open eyes*
Dang it still a girl
Feb 2 2012 11:25PM
I'm back
Hey ppl I'm back :D hope you didnt miss me to much
Jan 29 2012 9:49AM
Hi ppl
Jan 28 2012 7:07PM
I miss when we used to go to the park
When you used to push me and I would jump off
I miss when we used go to the movies and buy large popcorns
Remeaber when we used to throw popcorn at the people infront of us
I miss you not going to our father daughter dance
Don't worry grandpa toke me but it wasn't the same with out you
I miss you daddy
Why did you have to go I don't have enough memories
You wout meet my first boyfriend
You wount see my prom dress
You wount be at my wedding
Meet my husband or your grandchildren
I miss you daddy
Jan 28 2012 6:57PM
Srry ppl
Srry I haven't been able to get on I it grounded
Jan 26 2012 12:10AM
Omg this radio station has all the songs that remind me of my dad


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Feb 4 2012 1:38AM

HawHaw Where To Start ? Hmmm , Your Drop Deaad Beautful ! Don't Let Anyguy Tell You Wrong . Yoour All Mne's Btch's Be Jealous !!! <3 Yoour Have Natural Beauty ! <3 Hehe ^.^ Your Sm;)e s Soo Perfectt ! Bbg <3 Staay Truee LoveLy <3
- C-Daawg WasHere <3 (;
Jan 27 2012 2:48AM

RaandomPost ! Youor Gorgeous !!!! <3 Jusssaaaynq
- Own This Bttch <3 Mineee <3
Jan 23 2012 11:43PM

second comment, damn shudda added u back earlier, i could have been first :P

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