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Im a fun loving girl named Jamie. I am lez so dudes back off. Im single :( and looking for a fun loving girl like myself :3 so msg me

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Sep 1 2013 10:47AM
girls only plz :3
single or not put this as your status & see how many INBOXES you get
[ green ] i want a relationship with you .
[ blue ] i like you alot .
[ orange ] i wanna kiss you .
[ yellow ] i miss you...
. [pink ] we should get to know each other .
[ red ] your a cutieee ....
[ purple ] i Love you .
[ black ] i want you back
Nov 7 2012 8:16PM
What irritates me
People who you msg and they dont msg you back
UGH come on be nice and just tell me you dont want to talk


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