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Code Geass, Japan
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i hate anoyying ppl,sometimes i get confused...uhmm also in a complicated mood ....-___-

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Aug 31 2010 8:25AM
i cnt believe it
was it been forever?... well 2009 i wasnt online cuz i was in school n i was busy and i had no internet! so im back aww how much i miss my friends here ^^,
Sep 19 2009 7:44AM
Room cleaning robot
Cleaning my bedroom is never much fun,

but my homework is lost, so it's gotta be done.

So, I'm building a robot to help clean my room

using junk on my floor like this moldy old spoon.

I'll build it with tee-shirts and three smelly socks,

our wrappers, a bag, and a cereal box,

a collection of worms that were dried in the sun,

my brother's rare comic, a cinnamon bun,

a library book that is way over due,

a sneaker, a sandal, and Dad's missing shoe.

I'll keep on construction with old underwear,

used tissues, dried spit balls, and fallen out hair,

a half eaten sandwich, that's half a year old,

a broken umbrella, I can't get to fold.

I'll top off my robot with crushed soda cans,

a jar full of flies, and a shoe filled with sand.

As I finish my robot, I’m sad to confess,

that my room is now clean, but my robots a mess.
Sep 19 2009 7:37AM
luv bleach,vampire knight,blood pluse,......and CODE GEASS !!!!!!!!

and sometimes naruto shippuden


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~Kuchiki Rukia~
Sep 4 2010 11:08AM

Hey. Where have you been!
~Kuchiki Rukia~
Jan 1 2010 2:28PM

oh im not mad at you ^_^
~Kuchiki Rukia~
Dec 29 2009 12:12PM

im not mad
~Kuchiki Rukia~
Nov 4 2009 9:26PM

Lelouch misseded you! <3
Ninetailed Fox
Sep 27 2009 5:20AM

onk onk bwahahhahha!!!
Trinity J
Sep 25 2009 5:05PM

Hey, your so nice, lol, i hope your having a good day!
Ninetailed Fox
Sep 23 2009 5:11AM

ha ha ha very funny ...........not :D
Ninetailed Fox
Sep 21 2009 7:30AM

hey lelouch long time no see
†† Lucy ††
Sep 21 2009 6:39AM

hehehe ur my third best FWEND HEHEHHE
†† Lucy ††
Sep 21 2009 6:38AM

Heyy Lelouch how is ur day :D

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