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; we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. ;♥ 12.23.09 ;♥
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Feb 23 2012 9:10PM
ReMemBEr wHen We alL USeD tO TYpE LiKe tHiS?
Dec 24 2011 11:45PM
merry christmas guys.
Dec 23 2011 12:53PM
two years today. wherever you aree. <3
Dec 23 2010 7:43PM
One year with my baby girl and I.<3 Leah I have been in love with you way longer than a year. You've changed my life and don't ever forget that. I remember when I first met you.<3 It was love at first sight. I never knew that was possible but with you, it is. I now know why everyone is so attached to you.. There's just something about you that makes me not want to let go. I never want to lose you. You will be mine forever, even after the end. I don't care what you or anyone says because I will not allow you to leave me.<3
Please don't ever give up on our love baby. We've gotten so far, I don't want to let that go.<3 You're not just my world, you're way passed that. You're my everything. I love you Leah. I love you with my all.
Aug 16 2010 2:14PM
i've loved you, since
May, 10, 2009
One Year, and 2 months <3
Aug 1 2010 2:12PM
To start off; you're one amazing chick! You've been there for me at my worst and best. I care so much about you, Leah!<3. You have noo clue. You're my best friend ever! And I could never ask for a better friend. Well, you're not my bestfriend, you're my sister<33. I'm so happy that we made up. I finally got to realize what a great person you are<3. I'm glad I did. I sorta look up to you(: I think you're a gorgeous girl, and yyou're a beautiful person inside and out. Everything about you is sweet. I can't even believe that I ussed to hate a sweetheart like you. There's really nothing about you to hate<3. To me, you're so perfect. Like honestly, you are. I love how you biitch out people for me and with me<3. When ever I need you, you're there. I miss you a lot. We barely talk ): You need to get on more, cause I miss you dearly<3. And I cant handle being away from my sister. You know pretty much anything about me. And I'm happy for that, cause I can always tell you anything. Leah I love you soo much! <3. Don't takkee shiit from anyone(: Kay?
Sorry if I spelled anything wrong o:
Jun 2 2010 5:43PM
LeahMarie<3 *From Tyler
Please always remember, I love you. You're my life now, and I can't live without you.
Even when I'm not talking to you, you're always on my mind.
You're going to be my baby forever. Kay?<3
I'm never going to leave you, as long as you never leave me.
You put a smile on my face everytime I talk to you.
I promise, my love for you is true<3
You're the reason for my existence. You're the reason for my happiness.
You're the reason for EVERYTHING<3
Leah, it's you; it's always been you.
When I first met you, I knew from that moment on; I was in love.
You're beautiful&gorgeous. You're smart&thoughtful. You're amazing&kind.
Never change, ever! You're perfect the way you are.
If someone doesn't like you, oh well. That's their problem.
Just promise me you'll stay the same forever and change for no one<3
I love you, Leah.


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Apr 20 2011 9:25PM

ahaha leah i love yoouuu;
Apr 19 2011 10:11PM

thanks but i know it wont.
text me?
Apr 19 2011 10:06PM

thanks leah, i can always count on you to remember...
Apr 12 2011 4:58PM

thats good,
and no he wasn't xDDD
Apr 12 2011 4:57PM

holy ****, and aiden thought only having ONE MESSAGE a day SOMETIMES was bad. <--'tard move.
Apr 12 2011 4:56PM

when was the last time?
Apr 12 2011 4:53PM

im serious,
tylers one lucky guyy
Jan 20 2011 9:37PM

i can handle it.
Jan 20 2011 9:37PM

i can handle it.
Jan 11 2011 8:15PM

i want my own dream; so bad im gonna SCREAM . <3
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