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Feb 13 2011 1:47PM
There are hearts all over the world tonight, but none of them feel the way I do when im with you.
Happy valentines day my love.
I do love you and I honestly hope you really love me too. /:
Sorry. I hope you read this, but I doubt you will know what it will mean.
Dec 6 2010 7:56PM
Wutz a crush to do when yew cant get though?
Yeah soo Random people that need to talk tew meh
Best way ish facebook
so Alt name is.
Laurynn McZombbie CuppycakezgoesRawwrr
Email ish also awn meye profile
So yeah Might get awn...??
But yeah..
Have fun and smile every chance you get and all that bullshiit [: ♥
Nov 7 2010 10:41AM
Her lipz of death rushed in lyk a crash♥
Soo im lyk soo konfuzled right now
i signed intew facebook and i had lyk fifty some messagez
half wer from chickz sayin i and hawt, shmexxi, cute, ect.
then most of teh rest were from d00dz sayin i give them bonerz V_v
Wtff ish with d00dz tellin meh this now??
Seriouslyy i dont fuccken wanna noe!
As i sed before i dont wanna noe wutz happening in yer pantz er wut im nawt...
Goe jack off if yew got a boner just dont tell meh cuz im nawt goin tew help
But anywayz Going tew be with Aiden and watch Saw 3D♥
Have fun with yer boner problemz c[:
Nov 5 2010 10:52PM
Meeting yew wuz like waking up from a nightmare♥
I got random stalker hugglez tewday!
i feel pretty gud about that..
I found out a few gud thingz tew noe tewday
Most guyz awr complete idiotz
I kinda knew that before but tewday it wuz unbelievable
Random dudez saying
I wanna fucck yew, Yew give meh bonerz, How big awr yer titz, etc.
Random dudez out there, MOST chickz dont wanna hear that teh first thing yew say tew them
But still it wuz sorta a gud day
I just wanna get some cuppycakez at Walmart now ^_^
Oct 26 2010 11:26PM
Letz just skip teh small talk all i need tew take ish yer... Lipz [;
Tired but not tired..
Confuzed mostly..
There ish a rocketship awn meye ceiling!
Ohh Emm Gizzlez!
Oh yer waiting fer meh tew say something?
Well maybe i want yew tew say something everthing of that?!
Oct 14 2010 7:11PM
random Message♥
Heyy buddddehhh
Itz Laurleee
i just wanted tew say
wher teh fucck ish meye cuppycake?!
Biitch ima nawt goin tew use a condom and ima shove meh diick all teh way inside yo assh{ xD }

-Laurynn Ann-Marie Lynn♥
Oct 13 2010 5:01PM
bite meye neck and slip and fall in tew teh backseat of yer fatherz car
Well hello there
Itz Lauryn
Tewnite ill make yer body scream,
and yew will regret that,
im teh best that,
yew ever had in yer life <|3
yew noe wut i think?
ghey porn ish adorable tew meh
i dont noe why it just ish
i wish i was british
then ill have a fuccken pimp accent
Hey awr those pantz?
Sep 24 2010 7:36PM
I love you
you love me
but you dont know you love me the way you do... < /3
Sep 22 2010 12:45AM
A duck, Letz fucck [;
random stalkerz talk tew meh d:
er zombiez will bite yo dicck
yew gotta be careful fer those dicck bitin zombiez
i hear it hurt lik a betch...
Sep 21 2010 10:15PM
Letz have some fun this beat is ill, i wanna take a bite otta yer disco pill
sad dayy
meye fav grey skinnehz
yeah they ripped]:
in the boocheh area
then when i got home i ripped them all teh way down
and now i got pantz that awr missen half of meye assh xD
that wuz actually pretty fun
I missh Tyler sooo mucho grandee... nachoz at taco bell betch
he went tew Virginia Tech though Woo!
still got Aiden fer uno mer year


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Jun 14 2010 8:15PM

Oh no no no Lauryn your too good to die
lighten up your mood sweetie pie=]
Feb 11 2010 3:17PM

What was the question?
Yes it is
Feb 10 2010 4:46PM

Oh no dont go gangsta on my ass im to soft.
Same difference babe.
Feb 7 2010 8:42PM

My Laurlee
Maybe I am but does it really matter?
Your the one that wanted me too make this.

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