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Sep 22 2011 1:15PM
last words ;)
" fucck niggas
fucck btches too
cause these niggas
do the same sh*t btches do "
- french montana ♥

.. haha : P
k ' byee :-*
Apr 17 2011 12:21AM
it's been a pleasure . . .
Emotions in this Game run Deep .
So before these Haters kill me in my Sleep
I'd like to say it's been a Pleasure .

Honored to be somebody they Mention
But before these niggas stop paying Attention
I'll Just say its been a Pleasure .
Oct 29 2010 4:45PM
My body is forced to live
the life my mind chose.
.. while my spirit watches
from my eyes & c r i e s .


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TraQuan niGGa
May 17 2011 9:11AM

Happy Birthday ! still killin **** never stop lol & never stop being tha girl dat jus beyond amazinq <3
have tha best day of ya life i loveee u twin :)
TraQuan niGGa
Apr 28 2011 7:22PM

i ♥ rissa ;P
TraQuan niGGa
Feb 14 2011 7:43PM

Leavin sum swaqq on ur page lol killin em shawty :)
Jan 16 2011 10:39AM

Haha Of Course id Miss Yu boo

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