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hey i'm Krista . 16 && lovinn it (= music is liiife ♪♫ add mee and gett to knnow me better (:

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Jul 24 2009 1:48AM
(no title)
i'm so glad blogs exsist.
cuz if they didn't,
there would be nothing else to do on this site
besides play games.
the rest is all boring.
and i know i'm a loner
lol jk ;D
with only 11 fans.
and that's why i want people to add me!
so this site could be a littile more fun.
so please do.
p.s. i like posting blogs on this site(:
cuz i get really bored
and i've probably said that a million times-__-
bye for noww!
Jul 24 2009 1:39AM
yaaay(: my cousins are coming tomorrow! i haven't seen them in six years -__- i miss them so muuch. soo glad they're coming tomorrow x] whooo! yipeee! (and all of the rest of those words that make you sound excited and stuff like that, lol) so yeeaahh... that's all! i don't think i'll be bored anymore for the next twelve days (that's how long they're staying) we're gonna go to sooo many places and do sooo much stuff! haha =P in your face! jk jk jk ;D hope you didn't take that seriously... well of course you didn't! you better not have... cuz i didn't mean it! haha well now i'm just writing random stuff cuz i'm bored... like always... but not until tomorrow! <3 can't waaaittt!!! so that's it bu-byee! oh and the only bad thing is my itouch isn't workin. if you know how to fix it, please comment/message me and tell me how to. PWEEEZ!? thank you! i bet no one is reading this though (besides anita, my cousin, i love you! <3 and don't worry i read your blogs too[: ) glad someone cares! haha(;
Jul 23 2009 12:31PM
♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♫ Post this if you love music<3
♪♫ ╔══╗♪♫
♪♫ ║██║♪♫
♪♫ ║(o) ║♪♫
♪♫ ╚══╝♪♫
Jul 22 2009 8:51PM
so i'm still bored. && it's the same day. i haven't done anything this WHOLE day but watch tv, do stuff on my itouch, and eat. oh and go on the computer. yuuup. this guy from terminex (it's a company) came to our house to check if we have termites. but we don't(: so that's good. still veerryy boring. but my day might get better. i might go to pf changs (it's this restaurant that i lovee<33). if i don't, then i'm going to a sushi place. i looooove sushi(: but i'd rather go to pf changs today cuz i just ate sushi a few days ago. anywayzzz.... both are fine with me;D as long as i go SOME PLACE since i'm sick of staying at home. okay that's all. bye to the person who's reading this! who am i kidding. no one would read this long thing. it's full of boring stuff. if you are, you are probably a very nice person;D thanks for exsisting! (idk if that's how you spell that, but whatever) oh and please message me if you are reading this. pweeezzz? i wanna know who ACTUALLY reads my boring blogs. thank you! (:
Jul 22 2009 2:26PM
this is what boredom does to you
omg i'm so bored! talk to me. comment me. message me. yada yada. the whole enchilada. (hey that rhymes, lol!) see, i'm so bored that this is what kinda stuff i write. -__- my day is going to be sooo boring. i'm going to be home all day. except i MIGHT go to my mom's work place. but it's not that much fun there either. the only way my day could be less boring is if it works out like this: i'm gonna ask my mom if my cousin could come over. if she says yes which she probably will, i will call my cousin and ask her if she's nearby where i live. which she probably won't be. but if she is, she's going to come over, and we'll do something FUUNN(: goshhh. why does summer have to be so boring? well it's not always this boringgg.... but sometimes it is. like today. i can't wait till this friday(: because then my summer will get way more fun. but for now, it's not. lalala... okay that's it for noww. byee<3
Jul 21 2009 5:32PM
╔╗╔═╦╗ Put this on your page
║╚╣║║╚╗ if you like to laugh out loud! x]
Jul 21 2009 12:22PM
hehe hi(:
just saying i love Rock Band<3
it's my favorite game to play on the Wii
and one of my top favorite games out of anything(:
I think I'm Paranoid is one of my fave songs<3
and Maps(:
and Roxanne(:
and others too
i never really like rock music
until i found out that rock band exsisted (idk if that's the right spelling)
add me if you like Rock Band(:


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Aug 29 2009 11:27PM

lol thanks right back at ya krista (=

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