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Awesome shizz ---->, Canada
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I miss Michael. || Zack Young <333 .. <\3

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Oct 21 2011 4:08PM
Paranormal activity 3 tonight with the crew, oh yes!
Jul 31 2011 1:39AM
Hung out with zack all day yesterday and today, it was great
seeing him again really kept me going. Hopefully he will move
to Toronto with me like he promised. <3
Jul 22 2011 4:21AM
Zack is coming to visit on the 29th and 30th<33333
Jul 14 2011 12:03AM
I've said a million goodbyes in my time why is this one so hard to let go of.
Its been exactly two weeks since you moved, it feels like a year since i last saw you.
I wish it was the 29th again and i could hug you once more, because believe me i would not
let you go. <\3
Jul 11 2011 6:17PM
It breaks my heart every time i think about how much fun we had together,
you always knew how to make me laugh when i was sad.
You would pretend to be gay just to make me happy because you knew
how much i wanted a gay friend. {: I sure do miss you alot my friend,
If only you could move back.
Jun 26 2011 2:43AM
Zack young dont leave me stay with me , i miss you already
even though your not moving till the 29th. You will be missed.
Jun 20 2011 9:56PM
Your a ****, who flirts with every girl you meet.
All you care about is "looks" so leave my life ?
Kk thanks.
May 30 2011 2:03AM
Omgosh i cant sleep
May 23 2011 5:02AM
yep yep
things have been greaat ..
i miss people dearly.
i would possibly come back , but there's
nothing to come back to
Mar 1 2011 11:38PM
I'm leaving, I'm so sorry Michael and Lauren but something
tragic has come up. I'll love you guys and I'll miss you so much
but I thinks it's just best for where I'm at right now.
Jessie I know were not as close as we were in the past, but we go
back and i love you too! and I'll miss our random conversations and you
of course but yeah byess<33


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Aug 16 2011 3:26AM

I dont know if there iss :O
but i got a new number
Jul 27 2011 12:21PM

I know me neither :O
And texting isnt good
But yes I misses you
Jun 28 2011 5:43AM

I cant believe im here again xD
but thats cuz of you
and you only D:
Jun 25 2011 6:48PM

Love you mother. :[
May 30 2011 1:42AM

Psh mesage me
May 30 2011 1:29AM

Nah im good lmao. I know your crazy, no need for discussion xD
May 30 2011 1:18AM

Uhh yes!(:
May 30 2011 1:12AM

:o your fuccking crazy too!
May 29 2011 2:01PM

Kristy is a pretty lady(:
Mar 1 2011 11:45PM

kristy! please, come back.):
<\3 you can't leave me..
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