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Hey I am Kira, and I have a crush on you. ^.^|| I'm Bisexual meaning I like girls and boys||. I have many phobias||. Edward Cullen looks like a Fish. So stfu.|| I also like to party naked, HAH ;D. Message me peeps
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Oct 26 2010 9:36PM
Message me Hoes(:
Oct 25 2010 8:24PM
Melisa is my Fag for life.
Only my fag.
I love you ;D
Bannng o: O;
Oct 25 2010 4:04PM
Talk To Me ;D
Oct 25 2010 3:55PM
Oh Shyt ;D
1. I`m Kira Nice to meet you (:
2.I`m Bisexual and loving it.
3. I`m not new I just forgot my pass. My old account was KiraScrewUp
4. No I will not send you a dirty picture. You people need to get the **** out.
5. I enjoy meeting people, and going to concerts.
6. I like it when people message me first.
7.I`m shy.
8.I`m kinda of a flirt.
9. I will not give you my phone number. i will only give it to you if I know you well.
10. I dont trust people. want to get my trust? Talk to me and show me(:
Talk to me(:


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Nov 21 2010 11:13AM

I miss youu!
Nov 7 2010 1:23PM

aha. ;]
First fxckin' comment. !!
Cause i freakin' love you,
Kira. You're beautiful.
Funny and Lots of more good stuff.
I Lovvee youh. ♥

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