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I Love You! So message me<3

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Jul 17 2011 9:57PM
New pictures(:
Jul 12 2011 10:32AM
Again? xD
Blonde Hair(:
Posting pics in a few ;D
Jul 9 2011 4:12AM
New pictures on playlist(:
Link in profile
Jul 4 2011 7:49PM
Hai ^.^ Uh im Kira. Im pretty much terrible at describing myself, but here it goes. x3

I enjoy dying my hair. :3 Some people say I dye it to much and that it'll fall out, Well I'll buy a wig. xD
I'm accutaly dying my hair as I write this. xD.
No,I cannot spell. So I like to cover it up by using words you most likely won't understand. Play along It amuses me. ;D
I'm extremely loud,Also if I dislike you I'll make sure you know. Not trying to be mean.It's just me I gess.
I love meeting new people,and I'll treat them as if Ive known them forever, as long as there not boring normal people. That seems rude. I don't lie. I just lied.
I want a **** load of tattoos when I'm older, I'll also have a face of metal, I love percing. Once again, they amuse me. :3
I use alot of made up words, some people say it's cute.


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