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Sweet Georgia pines.The Skittles over the moon., United States
About Me:
So the names KimberlyFrancesKellogg.i get the presents on october 23.whenever you see me im usually laughing,or smiling i also play soccer and hit me up.(:single<3

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Jun 22 2013 2:17PM
twitta and instagram
follow me on twitter and ig @WithLove_KFK
Nov 18 2012 7:01PM
twitter and instagram
Find me on twitter and instagram @YoSoyKimberly
Feb 23 2012 7:05PM
Stronger <3
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger
*Stand a Little Taller <3
Feb 23 2012 7:01PM
never on here so if you wanna talk
find me on facebook
my name is Kimberly Kellogg :)
Dec 29 2010 6:41PM
im just kinda boreddd txting. if yuh want the number ASK!
Jun 1 2010 6:07PM
My first kiss(:
my first kiss- 3OH!3

I said no more teachers
And no more books
I got a kiss under the bleachers
Hoping that nobody looks
Lips like liquorish
Tongue like candy
Excuse me miss but can I get you out your panties?
In the back of the car
On the way to the bar
I got you on my list
[I got you on my list]
At the foot of the stairs
With my fingers in your hair
Baby, this is it
She won’t ever get enough
Once she gets a little touch
If I had it my way,
You know that I’d make her say

She won’t ever get enough
Once she gets a little touch
If I had it my way,
You know that I’d make her say
Well my first kiss went a little like this
I said no more sailors
And no more soldiers
With your name in a heart
Tattooed up on the shoulders
Your kiss is like whiskey
It gets me drunk
And I wake up in the morning with the taste of your tongue
May 28 2010 10:01AM
top fav songs!
- lights by All Out
- love like woe by The Ready Set
-perfect two by Auburn
- kiss n tell by Justin Bieber
-kiss n tell by Ke$ha
May 11 2010 8:12PM
8th grade(:
wow lol i found out i passed 8th grade
that isnt much of a shocker??
since im a A+ student..
i mean
look at this face ----> ^____^
May 10 2010 8:09PM
lol i got a haircut
so ummmmmmm..... my frann paytons gonna kill me
May 9 2010 10:28PM
friends that are always there for me(:
Katelyn "Buttercup" Ball
Nohemi " Bubbles" Lopez
Ryan Sharpe
Luis Medina
Wyatt Robinson
Andrea Cervantes
& Kavon Kellogg <3,(:,<3
i love yall (:


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Nov 23 2010 12:45PM

now to think about it have u ever recognized that on the Suite Life On Deck the blond girl is smart but the Asian girl is dumb !!!!!!!!!?????????
Oct 23 2010 8:48PM

happy birthday kim. i kno im kinda late but at least i said it
Oct 21 2010 6:22PM

happy birthday on saturday
hope u have fun
Oct 15 2010 6:17PM

happy birthday in 8 days
Jun 11 2010 1:17PM

I'm not his other gf added me as her fiend and said
How many gfs does he have so yea I'm don't going with him
Jun 8 2010 4:52PM

Thanks forthe comment
And guess what he wants me to take him back
May 29 2010 12:15AM

Love the commnt u put on my page
Love ya sister
May 14 2010 5:55PM

thats so cool im a straight A student too
Feb 15 2010 9:33AM

happy valintines day
i love you sisster
Jan 23 2010 1:05PM

hello kimi
what you up to
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