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Don't Mess With My, Turkey
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Kai Rivera , Single , Bisexual. (: Msg me and you won't regret it !

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Dec 6 2010 6:58AM
Kai Rivera , (:
heylo , i'm Kai .
i'm 18 ,
and i'm fond of January . 2 because it just so happens to be my birthday. [;
i'm Bisexual , but leaning towards girls.
i get too jealous sometimes, but i'm a lot of fun ,
i hate cocky and arrogant people , ( the world revolves around the sun , not you )
i'm very patient , but i hate being tested for it .
i think i'm WAY to sensitive ,
i love to play soccer and run track ( yes , bisexuals can do that too ;pp )
if you think using q's as your g's is cool, face the facts ;
they're both different letters, and it makes you look stupid.
i love photography, and i've taken 13,000 pictures to date . ( hell yeah. )
my i love my family , ( mom, dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister )
i'm a great listener, and i give great advice.
forever the sickest kids, and the readyset are my idols.
political views: lady gaga [[[;
i'm still single, and yes , LOOKING. ooo;
so flirt it up, & talk tooo mee. [;
- KaiKai.


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Dec 11 2010 12:03AM

| Kai Has A Girlfriend?(:
| Cutee , (:
Dec 11 2010 12:00AM

thanks for the add<3
Dec 7 2010 8:43PM

Of course im amazing ,
Im Nooaah!;D
Haha , Im Just kidding(:
Your Pretty Amazing yourself(:
Dec 6 2010 7:25PM

Lmaoo, carbs?
x D,
First commentt ^^

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