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baby ima b yo motivation, United States
About Me:
kikib13 bac up in diz peace. some of yawl might kno/rememba me kikib if not ima tell yawl alil abt me ilove drawinz sigin and dancin. im very gud at thos thangz 2. im nice(sometimes) kind loving true faithful mean and honest
Latin Kings Qween K33kz

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Jan 12 2013 8:18PM
I ain't been on here in forever lol forgot this even existed lol.
Dec 25 2011 11:28PM
twitter me
im barely on here forgot all abt it lollzx but catch me on twitter @iAm_KiKiB thats where ima be
Dec 9 2011 11:13AM
Sloop it's been aqwhile since I've been on here how is erybody lollzx
Oct 20 2011 3:20PM
So ****ing bored need something to do
Oct 17 2011 12:55PM
Ireally gotta pee lyk really bad!!!!!! Hahaha random sorry but it's da truth
Oct 16 2011 1:00PM
So... Now what?
So I'm home and oomf is here and I really didn't wantt her to come over but she did and she is werkin my nerves omg! Dis y I hang around males than females.
Aug 26 2011 9:13AM
haha u done done it now lollzx u jus lost ur best dancer haha! ur loss wanna b boss b****
Aug 20 2011 8:17PM
so now i gotta choose 'tween danceline and vball i love them both but i think danceline gon be departed 4rm what shuld i do? dis is killer and i only got 4 days to choose. F*CK!
Aug 18 2011 1:26AM
aint it funny
aint it funny when the one that you treated right is avoidin u when they should be thankin you
#random yes i know :P
Jul 17 2011 12:29PM
So dumb hahaha
So I'm at this house yeah I said I'm at dis house cryin cus I'm laffin so hard for no reason


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Jul 27 2011 12:52PM

Hey.. What's up!!!!?!!! Lol. Where are you?

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