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I wish I was still in the, United Kingdom
About Me:
I'd be Kelci Lynn.Don't waste your time on me.I'm not worth it.

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Apr 20 2010 6:41PM
Why hasn't Kelci been on for like 5 months?
She just hasn't.
But,I'm rather happy lately,so we should talk.
Oct 29 2009 7:55PM
I'm out.I'll be back whenever I get the urge to get back onn : )
Oct 29 2009 7:20PM
I wanna talk to people.
Just people.
Nooobody special.Well,you can be special.
But really,I'm just bored,so message me.
Sep 10 2009 8:13PM
I want...SEX!
Yeah,I named it that so you'd read this...
Talk to me!
Sep 10 2009 5:40PM
That fxcktard!
Umm....I needed a blog....But I really do wanna call someone a fxcktard right now....
I'm pissed off.
Don't FXCK with me right now.
I'll shank you in the face.
I wanna punch someone.
Slit someones throat.
Sep 9 2009 8:11PM
Delish like your face
I'm eatin ice cream...
Then taking a shower...
Then doing my chores...
Soooo yeah...Ima get off in a few minutes and not be back for like...30-40 minutes
Sep 9 2009 7:57PM
Well...I need more pichas...
Once I get a new camera I'll be happier then a moose on Earth Day : )
P.S. I need more Playlist picha comments!
Sep 8 2009 7:28PM
I'm falling for him <3
Sep 7 2009 8:56PM
: /
Oh hun,
You gave me this sweet feeling in my heart.
You were always on my mind.
You were the hero in my nightmares.
You were the 20 missed calls on my phone...Just saying "I love you"
But that ALLL changed,in one split second.


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Sep 9 2009 5:28PM

Whats Up Hun
Sep 8 2009 6:35PM

Awwww same
Sep 7 2009 11:08PM

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Sup friend?

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