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Scream me a love song♥, United States
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Im Keileigh. Send me a message. Add me. Im 99% positive youu wont regret it(;

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Apr 24 2011 8:30PM
Havent been on here in a while.
Rape my inbox..��
Nov 4 2010 9:00PM
Havent been on here in a while.
Message mee.
Lets talk.
Oct 19 2010 8:50PM
Gay Prideee♥
Wear purple tomorrow to help fight against homophobic bullying ♥
I support gays, im wearing purple.
Oct 14 2010 6:32PM
Well. Youu should message me.:D
I really want cuties to meessaageee mee(:
Im soo bored.
Oct 13 2010 5:48PM
Im a real sweetheart if you ever got to know me.
And for you, to think i did that?!
Fuccckkkk youuu!
Get your **** straight.
I dont like you.
Im not your friend.
Im definately tired of your ****.
I didnt do it and i really dont like how you accuse me of everything.
kay bittttch.
Oct 4 2010 5:37PM
Where we belong<3
Thats an amzing songggg<3
Listen to it and tell me what youu think?
Its soo adorable(:
Oct 3 2010 2:32PM
I have a very important announcement!!
I have changed my name.
Now it is
Keileigh Kent Lawrence!!
Suck on that pen! :D
Oct 3 2010 2:01PM
I just LOVE how much i hate you. :D
Yet, you keep messaging me?

Anyway,, Your reading this?
Click that little button that says send message!
i'll love youu forever<3
Oct 1 2010 5:54PM
Oh snapp!
Guess whoo!
You don't know?
Well that sucks hairy monkey balls x]]
Well... It's me. Kate.
Kiwi... I bet you didn't know this...
But then again, your prolly did...
I love you. <33
I'm also totally a banana and I wanna fucck your vagina in the back of a Hummer. ;']] (insider <33)
You're so gorgeous.
You really are.
And any guy special enough to be as half as good as you deserve; is one lucky bastardd.
That's like... A bajillion-trillion plus five times three. (;
That's a lot.
And it's one hundred percent truee.
Now... I could go on for a while, now.
And I mean... A while. So here I go:
I'm glad that we're friends. <3
I really do tell you everything.
We haven't even known each other that long.
And I feel like I could trust you with anything.
I can come to you with any of my problems. ;'']
And that's why we're lesbian lover. xD
And I'm always gonna be there for you.
Question: Is this a long blog?
If it is, oh well.
I still love you.
You're amazing. <33
Peace out, home slice ;33
Oct 1 2010 5:35PM
Gah. Boredummm..
What color is your favorite hoodie? Dark Green(:
How are you feeling RIGHT now? Conpuzzled
Whats the closest thing to you that's red? My sharpie
Are you emotional? A little
Do you like yourself? Uhmmm, No
What are you listening to right now? Change by...idk xD
Ever been on a train? Yup
Ever been in love? Possibly :/
Ever walked into a wall? Yeah.
Last time you cried? Last night. Taber punched me, cockface D:<
Do you or dislike more than 3 people? yeah
What is your favorite animal? White Tigers.
Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes
What color is your hair brush? Zebra..
Do you sleep with a teddy bear? Yes
What is your middle name? Beth
Do you own slippers? YES
Ever mixed all the sodas from the machine and drank it? No.
Do you wear makeup? Yuuup
Do you get annoyed by mosquitoes? Yes! They eat me like no other
What brand are your shoes? Converse Airwalks..xD
Do you laugh at just about anything? Yeahh.../:
What are you doing tomorrow? A wedding<33 Great couple :p
The year you were born? 1920...haha
Ever been to a bonfire party? Yup!
Are you afraid of the dark? Yes.
Is it easier to forgive or to forget? Neither..
Where is your cell phone? My bra...O.o
When was the last time you yelled at someone? About 5 minutes ago
What was your childhood nickname? Key.
Have you ever shoplifted? No
Ever painted each fingernail a different color? No
Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? Yes
Ever made a creation out of duct tape? Yeah,a poncho. xD


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Nov 27 2010 9:39AM

Keileigh! I miss my lesbian lover. :[
Oct 31 2010 4:58PM

comment virginity.
<3(; woot.
Oct 21 2010 8:08PM

iight Tiight
Don't suck my peen!
Yes yes i said peen
its my word for penis* xD
smexxi justin
Oct 20 2010 10:03AM

You are close to me,and im sorry
smexxi justin
Oct 9 2010 7:07PM

Hey kiwi i love yew
Oct 7 2010 12:39PM

Oh shiat. I love you. xD
Oct 4 2010 6:27PM

Well then :P
smexxi justin
Oct 2 2010 9:51PM

Oct 1 2010 10:53PM

Kiwii.!! *moans*
That made me so wet. O_O
But seriously.
Everything you said... Ditto, babess. <33
Love you.
And... You put Shakira lyrics in there?
My hips don't lie, babyy. ;]]
smexxi justin
Oct 1 2010 9:47PM

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