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hi :) im bi but i prefer boys more :) i love katt williams :) and i might love you next :) im 14 but i cant change my age for some reason :(

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Dec 22 2010 11:11PM
board :[
someone message me im board and ill talk to ANYONE
Nov 22 2010 1:35AM
Message from i love money10

From: i love money10
Date: Nov 22 2010 1:34AM
Subject: hey
your ugly
Nov 22 2010 1:11AM
kiss my white shinney ass queer :) dont talk about my friend :D
Nov 22 2010 1:08AM
AHA :]
Queer: well he can kiss my ass and i love god iand i dont care if he does not belive cause i will always belive in god
Nov 19 2010 12:51AM
a guy i want
when i get mad at him he'll do the cutest things and make me happy :)
when i tell him im cold i want him to cuddle with me :)
when i tell him i love him i want him to tell me "i love you" twice every hour so i know that he means it <3
when im sad i want him to automatically know:)
when he gets mad at me i want him to express himself :)
i want a guy that is always nice and he isnt afraid to tell me anything
Nov 18 2010 10:44PM
talking about whores
i can not believe that there is sooo many girls on this website that say "im SUPER horney message me. GIRLZ ONLY" omg i talked to one and she hit on me the WHOLE time i talked to her i asked her why she dose not talk to any boys and she said "im stuck in the "kootie stage"" and i said to her politly "your so effing retarded your like a dude you love girls you should be hanging out with the boys i do but im bi but i fell into the lesbian stage and i still talked to boys
Nov 17 2010 6:57PM
UGHHHH >:(((((
omfg my friend keeps testing me telling me that he met Johnny Knoxville i know hes lying to me though and i don't want to be mean though :(
Nov 12 2010 2:38PM
Munchiis x]]
im gonna go eatg ill be back later ;]]
Nov 12 2010 2:09PM
be right back x]]
hi everyone im helping my friend move so i wont be on that long ;(
Nov 11 2010 6:25PM
newbie :D
im new message me plzz :)


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big man alex
Nov 11 2010 8:25PM

thanks for the add
your new friend alex

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