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GoinG CraZII, Madagascar
About Me:
Hello :]haha Im Kara[[I am CRAZY!! Just Waring You! ]]I am Down-to-Earth and Would Most likely Be your Next Best friend! Im Taken BY Ethan :]7|5|10 He is My Heart I Love Him :]

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Sep 5 2010 11:56AM
Best thing that I EVER Had..:]
He was the BEST thing I ever Had..
He was the BEST thing that was EVER MINE!
Its all Ended Cause a b**** wanted him..
so she use her ****ing Evil ways to ruin something Special..
SON OF A b****!
she ruins EVERYONE's Relationship..
She ruin My Best friends relationship and My other friends ..
and Everyday. I say to myself..
I wonder what it was like if he was STILL MINE....
Aug 25 2010 8:15PM
My Darling Ethan :)<-- I LOVE HIM!
My Ethan !
I Love him SO MUCH!
he Mean EVERYTHING to Me and He make me Smile!
7/5/10<-- Best DAY EVER!
He is NOW MINES Forever and Always..
Ethan Said" Im A Fool for Kara :)" Aww That SO Cute!
He Loves ME and I Love Him Perfect MATCH! :) haha
Aug 13 2010 7:55PM
I love him SO Much!
he is the BEST !
He makes me smile when i am sad, he makes me laugh when i am mad.. he makes me feel.... GOOD! he makes me HAPPY and i thought I would NEVER in my life have a guy who would Understand and Listen to me like he does.. But i i FINALLY found the ONE!
yes! he is THE ONE for me FOrever and ALWAYS My Darling :)
Aug 7 2010 4:36PM
7|5|10! Best Day EVer!
Ethan Is ALl Mine :]]
Im Happy
Aug 5 2010 6:05PM
Blind Love!
Me and Him Belong Together...
I hope he see thats...

Its Blind Love...
it when U love someone or Care about them and they Just don't see it....
It makes you realize....Does that other person.. Cares...
Jul 31 2010 5:00PM
Me and Savannah Are going to Leslie's House and Us three are going to the beach and then we are going to hang out at Leslie's House! Sounds FUn! :D haha
Schools Coming Up NOT FUN xP but at least I am going to the same school as Savannah and Leslie and Many More girls I met this Summer! I sure can't wait! :D
Jul 31 2010 4:02PM
ugh! Love SiCk haha
I don't Like Him..
EVERYONE thinks I Like Him..
But I don't.. Well I don't know..OK Maybe a Little..:].. OK I Like him ALOT!! But.. He probably Just sees ME as a friend.....
Jul 30 2010 1:31PM
If Only...... :]
If Only HE knows how much I Like HIm... :]
If Only He knows how Much I Care Bout Him... :]
If Only He Knew..........
Maybe Just Maybe He will Have that Same Feeling for Me too :]
Jul 24 2010 12:51PM
Conversation! Between ME and My Best friend! :]
Me: Hey Savannah
Savannah : Hey Kara!
Me : Really! Savannah.. you have Justin Bieber On Your Cell Phone! Really??! Gosh You are SO Obsessed with Him
Savannah : You KNow It :) haha.. How Bout You Who Do U Like?
Me : Well... I can't Say
Savannah : TELL ME!! PLease
Me : Well..I really Like Him But I think he does Not feel the Say way.. i think bout him EVERYDAY!!
Savannah : Well Tell Me! PLease
Me : Ok I will Here I will Give U a Hint ,,,, He is the MOST SWEETEST BOY EVER! and He plays the guitar.......;)
Savannah : I KNOW WHO IT IS NOW!!!
Me : haha
Savannah : Well Ask Him out!! I think he is Likes You too :)
Me : i don't KNow... Lets just see .....
Jul 23 2010 2:08PM
La-La Land! :D
haha I'm In La-la Land :D
haha there is only ONE RULE!!
there is NO RULES!!
haha :D
and there is NO PARENTS, NO TEACHERS.. its a Place you can BE YOU!!


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Jun 24 2010 8:58PM

KARA!! I Love Ur PiK!!
U Look So Different haha :)
N I am just showing Love to my Love :)
JakeyJake :)
Jun 9 2010 12:44PM

i misses you so much :(
May 31 2010 10:03PM

KARA!!! I Miss U !!! :(
WHen Are U Coming Back From NYC!!!!!!!!
May 27 2010 1:15PM

Awh see yhu in a while(:
JakeyJake :)
May 26 2010 6:41PM

Have fun in NYC baby! ima miss you bunches i love you :)
May 15 2010 1:08PM

I LOve Yhu Tew DinO Twin**
JakeyJake :)
May 15 2010 11:48AM

Forever and Always :D
JakeyJake :)
May 14 2010 8:43PM

I loveeee youuuu :D
May 13 2010 7:52PM

LoVe the PIkk!!!
Best One EVER!!
May 12 2010 3:12PM

haha.. i Own you too chicka :D
love you a LOT !! Besties FOR LIFE!
and thanks.. i love my glasses
and yes i kno...

i be rock em too !
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