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i hate the fact that i look like a pre-teen emo boy. I HATE FAT PPL IF THEY SIT ON ME ILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 10 2010 7:41PM
its Xian hacking this awsome guyh well bye
Mar 7 2010 5:51PM
im getting old 16 is too old i wanna be a kid again
Mar 7 2010 4:37AM
ima fuxk ur mum bish
Mar 7 2010 4:33AM
The Devil wears Prada, The Used, Chiodos, Watchout Theres Ghosts!, Shilo, Senses Fail, HU, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bless the Fall, Escape the Fate, Muse, Bring Me The Horizon, Basshunter, Born Of Osiris, The Faceless, Portugal the Man, Attack Attack. etc. I also love hyphy and hip hop like MacDre, Andre Nickatina, and Wu tang. UNCE UNCE UNCE! :D
Mar 7 2010 4:33AM
Reading and writing poetry, mostly sad **** cause it makes me feel better about my life lol.
Bumping loud ass music while driving with my friends. We make people stare at our awesomeness ;D
Tattooing and piercing, I love how exotic they can be. I look forward to expanding my own mhm mhm.
I'm super ****ing nerdy, I loooove video games, anime, and drawing woot woot. :3
I'm not picky or stuck-up. I pretty much like you if you're chill as fuhhh.
XBOX 360 b****ES! Gamertag: TonyMassacre
Mar 7 2010 4:33AM
about Andew
I'm single but not looking.
Im addicted to tattoos and piercings. I have some but I want more.
I love music and dancing around like I'm having a seizure.
Drawing and reading are big hobbies...yesh, im a nerd :p
THE USED saved my life through their music and are my favorite band as a result.
I'm not religious, im spiritual. Theres a difference.
Any questions or anything just get at me ;]


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Mar 7 2010 12:52PM

heheh :) i stole your comment virgintiy :) <3333 bestieeee loooveeeee

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