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if you read this, your a stalker. im in the, United States
About Me:
*pokes your for head* if you read this... you like me or LOVE O.o weirdos!!! xD
why the fuck would you and to know? ok i'll tell you but its a porn website i like it it's cool :) -> :P have fun jerken or squirten

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Sep 19 2010 3:56AM
Message from Jessie.Hagestad

From: Jessie.Hagestad
Date: Sep 19 2010 3:55AM
Subject: RE: go to this one its beast <3

i didnt try to act cute for spencerrr; hows how i normally amm.
&& i never kissed his ass; he kissed mineee:)
i told him what to doooo; he followeddd me, so **** that ****ttt.
i told him to **** offf && never come back. i hope he listens to me
i hate that fat ****kk
Sep 19 2010 3:22AM
sexy your penis is bigger than mine :P <3
Sep 19 2010 3:14AM
bunneh for jess :P
Sep 19 2010 2:59AM
jess's vagina
Sep 19 2010 2:24AM
im across the tracks no looking backs - BUNNEH RABBIT
im over the tracks everyone in 8 mile is wack, i lack respect, it gets hecttick in 8 mile while your poor you need more rap wars... when people talk it sounds dirty in my mind its twisted i want to throw my fist in my mom's face i hate my race, i hate bein' white its a fight in life, when i get a wife i going to pick up my sife and take your life away... i come up with the most dumb rhymes, at times i want to die or get high cuz i hate my life so much im still white i write wack raps on crappy papper, i miss my buddy wuddy we be doin'? maken crapper un famous raps its wack i lack respect from my enemeys... i try i just sit alone and cry without love. latex glove while jerking off thinking of rhymes you'll see when i get famous im going to talk about most fun games dot come were my othe rlife is it pizzez me off, cough up marijuana smoke aye kay aye may day, way to late to take her back i know im wack i still love my ex girl friend when i was in hevan i was loved by the only chick i cared about she thinks im a **** now cuz i act this way to gain the less pain, sometimes i want to walk in front of a train then no gain i gain my respect itsd hectick i know but yo i show no love as a bunnneh rabbit i have no habbit my ex girl freind mad em get rid of my habbits ok i see my chance to get famous ok yeah i know right i fight this battle blood leaking out of my ears so now i hears nothing ok **** this rap i found my chance im going to prance my way over there im going to say hey **** you but have a nice day, OKAY? im over the tracks no looking backs :)
Sep 18 2010 11:31PM
im sorry i love you
Sep 18 2010 11:21PM
funny **** brah
Jesus*R*Christ ]: is
[ -Kate- ]: me too.
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: the male chicken?
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: wtf is that caled
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: im forgetting >:(
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: roooster?
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: cock?
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: lady gaga is ****ing dumb
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: its a maale
[ -Kate- ]: lol
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i ahte birds
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: they be cheerping in the middle of the morning
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: ill e like "get your asss back to your tree nobody want to here you cherpin
[ -Kate- ]: lmao
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: ****ing birds
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: ****!!!!!!!
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i hate birds
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: they're so gay
[ -Kate- ]: Lol.
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i bet the **** inside a tree with a squrl
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: ****ing gay
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: have you ever went into a bathroom and someone was screaming
[ -Kate- ]: Lmao. Noooo. Lmao.
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i ahve
[ -Kate- ]: lol
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i went into a bathroom and this guy sounded like q girl moaning
[ -Kate- ]: rotflmao.
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my ass is plugged!
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: wtf
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: stfu
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i dont waant to here that
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT HURTS SO ****ING BAD dude dstfu i dont want to hear that shuit
[ dudekilla ]: hi
[ dudekilla ]: bye
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: this black guy was like "hey i got some weed want some?" im like "sure" and hes like "b**** WHAD YOU CAL ME?"
[ -Kate- ]: lol
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: im like i dont want to gwet shot and hes like cuz im balck yuot hink that?
[ -Kate- ]: lmaooo
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: im like no dude no and hes like b**** whad you cal me?
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: i tohught i was dead
[ -Kate- ]: Lmao b**** wha'd you call me? xDD
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: we should gpost this
[ -Kate- ]: post itt
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: mkay
[ Jesus*R*Christ ]: brb
Sep 18 2010 10:56PM
MOOD: awsome
ok i found some new rhymes and **** and my freind gavce me some beats that i can lissen to on the way to work :) really happy. my mom is being nice for once and she bought some weed so she aasked me if she could smoke it witjh me :P
Sep 18 2010 10:52PM
writen on crappy paper - Bunneh Rabbit
bunneh rabbit writen on crappy papper like a rapper but really hes just some dumb **** eaten from a truck, no rhymes and if he has rhymes he used them a hundred times... im gonna get a demo yo dont no hoe, go buy yo some mcdoalds, happy meal while wheel get up on some **** when you cant fit no tits so suck my gritz b**** you aint rich your buying **** from the truck, who the fucck do you think you are? better than me? we'll see ok? so hey your from the kay kay kay? okay here we go yo. fucck you bro you buy used condoms from a truck, so what the fucck? you suck i fucck your girl freind. dont push your luck you suck a duck head yo fat head you said that we med at a drug dealler's house wtf you smoken blouse. best fuccking rap ever you fuvcking fether; i wish i was put back together!!! loose your self up on me BE
Sep 18 2010 10:04PM
hmm im sad
im sad but im ustoo being steped on and kicked around :( im sad cuz kate is mad at me and shes like my best freind ever :(


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Nov 7 2010 1:54AM

grr... i miss you.. GET ON!!
Oct 14 2010 9:29PM

you can hasz my tongue and im on and ill start staying on :)
Sep 18 2010 12:28AM

wow ur so mean lol
Sep 17 2010 11:27PM

Loool. xD
Sep 16 2010 8:49PM

And you tell me this wwwhhyyy? D:
Sep 16 2010 8:32PM

I'm not fat. xDD
Sep 16 2010 4:34PM

Angel and Rabbit; Sittin' in a tree. F U C K I N G! ;DD
Sep 12 2010 3:09PM

Blue is my favorite color! ;DD
Sep 12 2010 12:18PM

Because I thought you were ignoring me. :(
Sep 12 2010 3:12AM

maybe i dont wantt pancake mix lol =P
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