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About Me:
zα¢н∂αηєρєтσѕку; [[01.27.11]] уσυ кησω уσυ'яє ιη ℓσνє ωнєη уσυ cαη'т ƒαℓℓ αѕℓєєρ вєcαυѕє яєαℓιту ιѕ ƒιηαℓℓу вєттєя тнαη уσυя ∂яєαмѕ.

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Mar 7 2011 7:22PM
It's ok nobody understands(:
Mar 7 2011 12:32PM
Add me if you have one(:
Mar 4 2011 8:45AM
Dont feel like talking so im just ganna go .
Soo you guys monday or later today.
Mar 2 2011 4:05PM
What happened to this site :l?
Mar 2 2011 12:02PM
I whispered in her ear:
You better fear me dear, for I am Death,
And I'll take that **** you call a life,
In a single ****ing breath

I'll take your hope,
I'll take your ****ing dreams,
I'll take your love,
I'll take everything you ****ing b****,

I'll steal the diamonds from your eyes,
I'll turn your promises into lies,
Mar 2 2011 8:34AM
Stay the fck away from me .
Please stay there.
Do not return.
Your push me to the point of no return.
The screaming the yellin.
I can't handle it .
The lying .
I'm sick of the blood and tears.
Think about all the broken promises.
All the dreams I had, all the things I asked to do,
You promised!
What the fck happened to that.
Sorry but, to be honest
I think your better of where you are, noboday were wants or needs you.
Mar 1 2011 8:30AM
Anyways, Im going to school soon :l
OH JOY .-.!
Well text me broo (:!
Cuz im going to be bored .
Zach you seriously need to find ur fhacking phone XD .
Feb 21 2011 5:28PM
Look!.It's.Oli.Skyes(: <-- FAIL :]
Oliver hacking Jessie.
You seem pretty amazing already! haha.
i just met you like how many minutes ago .. idk what to say
cause i fail . :] lol .
o: she did drugs this morning! xDD
should've gave me some .
the best youtube video ever is the one of Justin Bieber
getting shot in CSI! <- random .
Lol . yes! Andy sixx is hot (: hahah
well i don't know what to say so ima go.
(Fail Blog && The worst) :]
~ Oliver December.
Feb 21 2011 4:17PM
So this is jane hacking this AMAZING girl
and even though e just started talking, shes already one of my bestfriends
because shes just so nice and sweet (:
and i must say that she is very beautiful,
and any guy would be lucky to have someone like her.
so dont break her heart. or ill break your faceee <333
beacause i love her : ) ( like a friend, i dont swing that way)
So anyways, i better be going, but you should all message this girl,
you wont regret it.

Én szeretlek JESSICA


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Feb 18 2011 10:11PM

i love you, jessica hope kelter. <3
my bestfrienddd.

i know i tell you "i love you" every single day.
but.. i love you. (:

never leave my side, babycakes. <3
Feb 18 2011 7:03PM

Hey Jess, I just wanted to claim your comment virginity
before anybody else does(: .. Mmkay(; ..here are a few reasons why I love you(:

1. Your so nice^^
2. Your so pretty(:
3. Your so caring :3
4. Your not a fake ;D
5. Your a Canadian(:
6. Your pretty cool
7. You're always there
8. You are my bestest friend
9. You make me laugh
10. We Are Canadians!! ;D

this message has been brought to you by Charles Kay(:
"your very red & white Canadian friend(:
I hope I see you someday(;
Feb 18 2011 6:56PM

Comment virginity ish mine<3
love youu!
Feb 18 2011 6:56PM

I own your comment virginity!! :O
-eats it- ^_^

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