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J.e.s.s.i.e;; くろ JessicaMarieReid&TylerChayton Are My Best Friends. My heart longs for you, my soul dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you.

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Dec 9 2010 9:46PM
Me: Hey I wanna spend some time with you I'm leaving next weekend : (!
Holly: OMG Jess I'm going to miss you.
Me: Do you think I could sleep over this weekend?
Holly: For sure we have to have a hardcore party before you leave<3!
Dec 9 2010 8:56PM
Im so sick of you two.
All my life I just wanted you to be proud of me.
Maybe say daughter I'm proud of you?
Is that to much to ask for?
I guess so .
You two are always so ****ed up on drugs and alcohol you can't tell what your doing to me and how this affects my life.
You could probably care less if I was dead or alive...
You two scream and yell all night every night.
I can't take it.
I should just move to Vancouver with Jason ( my brother )
You honestly, should just get devoirced..
It's stupid.
Everyone thinks my life is perfect.
It's not.
They all love you...
They all love you .
If they saw you without the mask..
They'd hate you for what you do to me.
It's crazy.
I can't stand it anymore.
Dec 9 2010 4:31PM
Lifes falling apart..
Dec 9 2010 12:31PM
Won't be on after school. Email me .
Dec 9 2010 8:26AM
I ****ing hate this!
I honestly can't stand it anymore
i love you..
Dec 9 2010 12:01AM
But I just can't do this anymore.
I'm going to bed.
Message me.
Dec 8 2010 11:31PM
Peace the Fck out.
Dec 8 2010 8:08AM
Just got up(: gotta get ready for school;
Oh joy Ikr ._.! I have so much crap on my mind it's crazy.
I've been thinking about taking a break from Mfg.
It's been way to much for me to handle.
Everyone here has been so great to me .
Thank you all.
Fuccccck I don't want to go to school.
Honestly, I hate my school.
I hate everything about it.
So, much drama and lil fuuucking preppy bitttcheees && hooooes;
I might come on after school...
Idk after what I saw last night I never want to come back here again.
Even thou nobody but hayley knows what I'm talking about.
I promise you I didn't do it.
Messages me <3;
Dec 7 2010 11:07PM
Love can make you happy but often times it hurts,
but love is only special when you give it to who its worth.
Dec 7 2010 10:50PM
No questions ;(
My formspring Inbox is empty..
Ask me stuff o:


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Dec 7 2010 11:27AM

It's fine ^-^
Dec 7 2010 11:08AM

That's not very nice.
Dec 7 2010 11:05AM

I raped you..
You just ask them out? O.o
Dec 7 2010 11:00AM

I watch you when you sleep. O.o
Dec 7 2010 10:53AM

Loser. (:
Dec 7 2010 10:47AM

Dec 7 2010 10:38AM

You got that right! ;D
Lier. (:
Dec 7 2010 10:31AM

D.ICK!!! <3
Stop your lying xD
Dec 7 2010 10:24AM

Dec 7 2010 10:24AM

Mmmm, Dildo<3 haha.
And that's why I think then. ;D
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