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With Stella Rapin' You, Heard Island and McDonald Islands
About Me:
Im Jessie.I eat crayons. Im single.♥ I love you. [Jayleh hacked herr..:D ♥♥] |Taylor hacked Jessie 2-10-10

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Mar 29 2010 3:53PM
Hey Snickerss!
Hey SnickersBuddy!
Just stoppin by to tell yeww I luvz yew!(As Frannn)
Mar 27 2010 6:34PM
This gurll is the bomb!
She is funny,sweet,and just a fun person to talk to!
She is my SnickersBuddeh and I luvz her!
Mar 26 2010 11:59PM
This Is Jessi!
This gurl is the best! She is my SnickersBuddy and Is awesome!
Feb 23 2010 9:13PM
I need more comments!
Leave me ahh-mazingg comments!
i'll leave you one back!
I love you!♥
Feb 17 2010 8:21PM
Me, Ellie, Marci, Ashton, Scottie, Kaley, Haley are all gangterrs.
You should be jealous. I need more gang memebers!
Feb 10 2010 10:38PM
Lala land
Don't mess wiff Jessie!
She's like a big sister to me now and I catch you being mean to her....
Let's just sa when I b**** someone out...the whole world comes crashing down.
Jessie is amazing! She is lovely!
We eat crayons together and we love it!!!
•*•|Taylor Mae|•*•
Feb 10 2010 4:08AM
Yupp.. :D
This is Jaylee..hacking this *Awesome* girl.. :D
Even though I met herr today were gonna beh greeatt frans..xD
Mmkay, laterzz bishes!
Feb 10 2010 3:13AM
Jessica Marie Smith
Im Jessica Marie Smith. But call me Jess.
Im not your average 19 year old.
I eat crayons, weird huh?
but hey i told you i wasnt your average 19 year old.
I wish i could be younger.
My best friend is Ellanor Scyhlur Mars.
She's uhh-mazingg.
I dont know what i would do without her.
My fave color is purple.
I blow out candles Feb. 10!♥
Im single.
I love scary movies.
But i get scared to easily.
I skateboard((a little))
Im a screamer for a screamo band.
Im a only child.
I have always wished of having a sister.
Well i have Ellie.
I got nothing else to say
So buh byee
Feb 10 2010 1:32AM
Watching Saw
Im watching saw and i am scared to death and soo is ummm whats her name ellie
i hear a noise! -looks around- Oh mee gosh hes coming for us and were both gonna die!
Stupid scary man with a pink tricycle!
Feb 10 2010 12:52AM
Own Me Pwease! i'll love you forever and a day!
Chest -
Head -
Nose -
Lips -
Hair -
Eyes -
Heart -
Smile -
Legs -
Stomach - Dylan
Ass -
Whole Body-


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Mar 14 2010 12:02AM

paste this on 4 other quizzes. if u do this , ur crush will kiss u on the nearest friday. but if u read this and dont repost it this u will have bad luck. sent this to 4 quizzes in 143 minutes. when ur done press F6 and ur crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen
Mar 2 2010 10:14PM

I saw That pic on porn :P jk jk wuzz up buddeh?
Mar 2 2010 8:53PM

I love the shoes!
*puts them on*
They fit!
*kisses you*
ily! your the best jess
Mar 2 2010 8:53PM

I love the shoes!
*puts them on*
They fit!
*kisses you*
ily! your the best jess
Mar 1 2010 8:01PM

-hides behind pink trycicle-
Feb 28 2010 10:26PM

Feb 28 2010 1:58PM

No effin rehad plss! -runs into wall and sleeps on floor-
Feb 28 2010 1:42AM

Soo I herd ur a fake?
Feb 27 2010 10:21PM

Feb 24 2010 7:24PM

-eats one and gets dizzy-
Wee..I see pink trycicles..
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