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Hey im Hazel (i know its a wierd but AWESOME name) (i have pink in my hair now!)

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Feb 18 2010 8:34PM
well you should no about me before you talk to me sooooo
im 16 years young!!
i play the drums im like the next travis barker lol but in a girl version!xD
im REALLY into art, i hve drawings that i drew all round my room and in all of my note books
im in to photography i carry a camera with me every
i can be a real b**** at times so plz stay on my good side (you would want to)
love music, Bless The Fall is the best and you cant deny it!!
im a wonderful person
im very outgoing and wierd (in an AWESOME way) im a bliker
ummm if you act your self around me and not so sad and depressed, that would be nice


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angel jimenez
Mar 18 2010 9:47PM

hahahaha its ok i like this one
angel jimenez
Mar 11 2010 1:17AM

dudette u change ur piks 2 much
Mar 1 2010 1:33AM

actually im not sure i member it lol
angel jimenez
Feb 28 2010 6:11PM

so wazap
Feb 25 2010 7:45PM

i have no clue but i forgot it but nowww i rememberedd it
Feb 24 2010 11:19PM

hmmm actually not really, i only have a shinning moment like once in a million years haha
no but i did forget the alphabet 3 times in 3 days it was like a b c d e... um l m n o p? :D
angel jimenez
Feb 24 2010 7:08PM

cool new
angel jimenez
Feb 23 2010 7:19PM

its a song
sanged by
avenged sevenfold
angel jimenez
Feb 22 2010 4:36PM

u just got lucky
i wanted to b da first one on urs
listen to blinded in chains
-angel :P
angel jimenez
Feb 20 2010 11:36AM

heyyy kidd :P
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