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Suck A Duck<3., Congo
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JaylaMarie<3||Me||[[16]]((Different));No Fake;No Emo; Im Me,,NothingElse.{Random|Funny|Outgoing}Bestie:Stormy♥<3.
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Jul 22 2010 4:35PM
new account soon
i hate this one lol o.0
Jul 22 2010 3:28PM
i dont get people
whats wrong if you walk in the street
WHO gives a ****(:.
so kiss my ass.blahhh<333
Jul 22 2010 3:25PM
f.u.c.k y.e.a.h(:
Dying my hair(:
getting more shirts too<333.
Jul 19 2010 5:41PM
Me- My Ass Hurts...);
Bryan- Whys????O.o
Me- You Hurt It!
Bryan- How??
Me- Remember When We Were Making out???
Bryan- yeah...why??
Me- (:<33333 7|7|10
Jul 19 2010 5:20PM
havent been on in a while<3.
hit me up b****es(;.
Jul 9 2010 7:45AM
Add me on facebook jaymuffin16@live.com or text me 484-894-8433
Jul 9 2010 7:32AM
Summer School Sux Ass. I Finally Kiss STORMYYY<3. Love That Girl(:. Text Me 484-894-8433. So Add Me On Facebook jaymuffin16@live.com
Jul 2 2010 2:29PM
Mostly on facebook now. Lol add me on there.(:
Jun 22 2010 8:56PM
you know what to do<3.
Jun 22 2010 8:56PM
friends and fo
me miss you all>:]
loves youuu<3..


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Jul 19 2010 2:46PM

Hey Jaylamuffinnnnnnnn lmao luvvvvvvvssss yewwwwww :-*
Jul 3 2010 11:22AM

Heyy jayla(:,
So i decided to leave you a nice long comment|♥|
Before I started to talk to you I kind of didn't know my direction of life[:
Now I do know thank you for being there for me and your awsome
I love you your like one of my best friends
Not like but you are one of my closest bestest friends
I hope one day to actually meet you in person
That be awsome **** |♥|
Man do I love you for being there for me
Not alot of people are there for me
And I'm happy you are thank you very much!
I was here 7.3.10|♥|
Jul 2 2010 2:01PM

Jul 2 2010 12:28PM

Jaylaaaa!I miss youu<3!
Jun 24 2010 3:01PM

thats nice dont ever comment back
lol luvs yew :P
Jun 21 2010 10:33PM

No not really :p
Jun 14 2010 10:14PM

Oh baby girl... that sux ass... dude i hope they find the problem... i hope it isint severe or anything D:
Jun 13 2010 10:56PM

hey babe i herd bout the hospital are you going to be okay? :(
Jun 11 2010 5:23PM

dude i broke up with danny!
luv yews :D
Jun 10 2010 7:08PM

miss yew too lol :-*
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