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Jun 29 2011 6:00PM
changes changes changes ask if you would like to know what kind of changes :)
Jun 5 2011 2:32PM
Why Be Different
See females complain 24/7 about being hurt and dudes breaking their heart. They sit in sorrow there own blood and tears. Well when a nice guy like my self shows up and treats the girl as they are to be treated like a respectable woman; we get Dogged all the way out. So why should i sit here and be like no other dude when the other dudes seem to keep a babe. if i start being a heart breaker i'd probably get somewhere i won't do that because i stick to my beliefs but Damn come on some females can be so ****ing dumb
Jun 1 2011 5:45PM
I Don't Care
For the first time in my life i dont give a flying **** about a single the people dont seem to care for me so **** the World
May 14 2011 8:36AM
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Hey MFG, anybody who would like to get to know me a little better check me out at facebook.com/PoetryInMotion33

I write Lyrics and poetry if you'd be interested in a few verses i'll send you one.

Shout out to my girl Kiki B for doin so much for me from telling me about MFG to anything else.


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May 21 2011 11:08PM

So I know u feel da pain as it hits u like acid rain but its too late to apologize as ilook to see tears in your eyes. Yea I l know u strong and u fought a hard battle I'll be back like a current coming home one day from my travels.
Iloveu no matter what stay strong for is both. Just always remember my ev iloved u the most
Apr 17 2010 11:17PM

hey bookiee, juz wana sey love u n misz u 2z.
Mar 7 2010 5:58PM

hey jaybooz just showing love i guess. nice "why" poem, too.
Nov 30 2009 8:59PM

Hey, we both going to be in a talent show!
Nov 24 2009 9:45PM

hey bestie. showinz ya new-ness sum love az alwayz. lollz.

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