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because its cool in, Iceland
About Me:
Aint None But a G' Thang Baby (; JayyJayy nuggah ! Cx

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May 28 2013 5:22PM
lets talk hmu ?(;
May 13 2013 1:38AM
i ****ìng miss her ;c <\3
Apr 28 2013 3:33AM
Thugs gets LONELY too <\3 v.v
Apr 19 2013 11:31PM
boreed no body even talks to me v.v
Apr 11 2013 12:10AM
Apr 9 2013 11:41PM
message me ? (;
Apr 9 2013 1:18AM
this keep me busy & took off things on my mind c:
Name: Jason Patrick
Height: 5'7
Nick Name: JayJay , J , Jason
Relationship status: Taken <3 uff shes bomb ! <3.<3
Fav. Color: black & yellow niggäh (;
Drink or Smoke: Drinnk….Coke & i smoke Smarties ;p
Sprite or Coke: Coke (;
Current mood: Happy c: & in love <3
Current crush: Maddie <333333333
Shorts or Pants: Shorts(;
Goody good or Bad ass: Goody /.\ Good (;
Shy or Crazy: Both depending on who they are c:
Ready To Mingle or Forever Alone: none im taken <3333
Are you a fliirt: hell yeah(; but when im single ._.
What do u look for in a person: nothing .-. everything about them is PERFECT c:
butt my gf uff beyond that (;
Hair color: Black ? Or Dark Brown ? Im Colorblind :c
Eye color: Brown fosho (;
Apr 9 2013 12:00AM
i just dont wanna talk right now .
I have a lot of things in my mind .
Apr 7 2013 7:10PM
im bored someone hmu ? n.n
Apr 3 2013 1:18AM
man she wont let me ;c


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Nov 22 2012 6:04PM

Sonnn <333

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