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Mar 26 2010 4:33PM
about me
◈ Hi i'm James but i go by CASH ◈ Italy (Venice) ◈ Travel in my mind ◈
I speak Spanish,english and italy,I come from a spanish family,i currently live in a small town,near Venice,ITALY.i'm selective with friends,i enjoy simple things I LOVE TO SMILE, i look the positive aspect of my live,photography is my passion, honestly i dont care if i come out well or bad in a photo , it's a memory that lastes for forever, I want to do a lot of things during my life time, such as travel, helping to understand myself and get much more mature,, i want to explore a lot of places,i'm complicated,sometimes, i, by myself, have to really understand me, i trust few people, and not that much people understand me, i like to have fun and enjoy every single moment with my friends, a happy moment never gets away,its a memory that you're having with the people you love the most
Say Something Different C: Yeah..I look the same way as the the other guys |: ByeBye


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Mar 26 2010 4:46PM

yo cutie. (:
Miranda droppin' you a comment.
drop one back.

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