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Im Jakov...Yeah

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Feb 7 2009 6:30PM
:D She is my Buddy
I Like Her as Friend <3
She is good
She gives Piggy rides
I luv u Friend
Feb 7 2009 5:58PM
Oh Baby It's Me ^^
Oh Baby; It's me ;D
Hola Whore :D I'm Jakov and I own your mother. ^^ I am 18 years young and I live Under Your Bed. You also look funny when you sleep. I am not emo, or scene or whatever other stupid labels you can think of. I am Jakov. That's the best it can get. I own Joey, Ryan, and Katie's Soul. :D
I also own Krystal and her comment virginity. I keep them in a magic box. I am not single. I know, I know, Tragic. You all love me, But too bad. I love you Krystal ^ ^ <333
Courtney is my BFFLFF :DDDDDDD I love my bestie :D
I R SUPER b****! If I don't like you or you get on my nerves I'm not going to polite about it. I can be a sweetheart but If you press my buttons I will go grandma on your ass. I am bisexual. If you've got a problem with it you can go rape a cow D:< I don't like drama. I find it as a way for people to get attention. If you come to me and always have something wrong and are just craving for me to care, I won't. If I can't trust you, I won't try. I'm not going to try and like someone if I don't want to. I am also very lazy. Very Very Lazy. I don't like doing stuff. I'm random, funny, and nice, but you won't see that side of me, and when you go and act all sad and try and get sympathy because of it I will laugh at you. Well thats all. Go eat a banana. <3


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Jul 5 2009 12:18AM

Haha,Im so stupid.
I forgot it was Spencer.
Dude,can you like Stop
****en taking people's
pictures and pretending
to be them! Its lameeeee.
Jul 5 2009 12:09AM

Hello ^ ^
Mar 11 2009 4:45PM

its pretty funny how that i found out that this was spencer you,
1) dont log on anymore.
2) stop getting comments from everyone.
3) you dont call me anymore.
4) you arent on any of your other accounts.

hhmm. could you have maybe left?!?!!? lets hope.
Feb 25 2009 5:32PM

Take off your fuucking blog about me.
were not ****ing friends.
oh and SPENCER.!!! everyone knows that its you.
so delete ur fuucking account.
now. and dont even ****ing come back on MFG again.
no one fuucking wants u here anyways.
ur a fuucking cock sucking whore. i hate you.
Feb 16 2009 10:45PM

yah delete all the comments u fxcking prick. god ur so stupid. Spencer.
Feb 8 2009 11:33AM

Hi --waves fastly-!!!
Feb 7 2009 9:37PM

Best Friend I have A New About me For You.
It shold say the following.
1) Im Jakov..duh.
2) Im really nice.
3) Im Sweet.
4) I give really good piggyback rides.--inside joke=p
5) Taken---at the moment,,,Damn right =p
6) Message or add me if u want a pig back ride,--we charge 2.50$ a second. just cuz were really good =)
Jan 16 2009 5:05PM

Hey Jakov Havent talked to u in forever! Miss yah =]
Dec 27 2008 10:02PM

How are you? (:
Dec 27 2008 9:57PM

Hi Jakov [:
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